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Grinders of grain and straw
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Grinders of grain and straw
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Closed production cycle
3D project › Manufacturing › Testing › Exploitation

LLC Artmash performs a full range of works for the production of equipment for farming and animal husbandry. Getting started from “A” – creating a 3D project and supplying the metal, to “Z” – launching the finished equipment into operation. Term – 4-5 weeks.

Own production and engineering potential allows us to:

develop a new model of equipment;
create a three-dimensional model of the future unit;
prepare working design documentation;
purchase optimal raw materials;
make the necessary parts;
to carry out the assembly of mechanical assemblies and electrical parts;
to check the quality control equipment, eliminate defects;
set up and prepare equipment for operation;
draw up a product passport with instructions for work;
carefully pack and send to the owner;
help to start and configure the equipment by phone;
provide any worn out consumables and parts.

We suggest individual production according to the tasks assigned from customers. Parts and mechanisms, which are subjected to increased loads, are heat treated and made of alloy steel.

Basic models are constantly being modernized based on the wishes of the customers. At least 3 new products appear in the catalog every year.

scheme of work
You call us, write or leave a request on the site
We select equipment according to your wishes. If necessary, we make a 3D model
You make an advance payment of 10-20% in cash or by bank transfer
We produce equipment (standard or for you)
We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 other countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)
We help to put into operation by phone
We provide warranty service, we manufacture consumables to order
How do we manage product quality?
All equipment is tested for defects and then eliminated before painting and selling
All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing
Verification of equipment compliance with international standards


«Artmash» Ltd is a producer of more than 30 types of products: different modifications of crushers, feed mixers for feeds production, log splitters, granulator machines, coolers. The basis of our work is to produce individual equipment taking into account the needs of landowners and cattle-breeders. Our enterprise introduced a closed production cycle: from 3D-project creation to new equipment launching.

12 2-5 100%
*months hardware warranty  *weeks – production time  *efficiency of technology

The equipment for cattle breeding and agriculture

Every month the shops of the manufacturing plant «Artmash» Ltd produce about 200 items of equipment: grain crushers, feed and fuel pellet mills, pellet cooling machines, screw conveyors, log splitters. Our production is supplied to private customers and large enterprises all over Ukraine, as well as it is exported to 20 other countries throughout the world.

5 main advantages of our equipment for the production and granulation of dry feed, fuel pellets, and others:

The components of pellet mills, crushers, and log splitters prone to increased loads, are produced from alloyed steel and undergo thermal processing.

The engines of pellet mills, crushers, etc. have a 3-level protection from overloading: ammeter, electronic, and  thermal relay.

The equipment for animal feed and fuel pellets production can be used both separately and as a part of the whole line.

The equipment for animal feed and fuel pellets production can be used both separately and as a part of the whole line.

Crushers, feed pellet mills and fuel pellet granulators, log splitters – all the equipment from ``Artmash`` Ltd necessarily undergoes QC inspection.

Before painting and launching, we carry out equipment testing. We also eliminate the slightest backlashes and defects in agriculture and cattle breeding equipment functioning.


Our company offers customers to use the following bonuses of cooperation with us:


Equipment modification – will be produced of the necessary configuration, capacity, power, size.


After-warranty service – equipment spare parts are available in stock of the manufacturing plant.

After-sale service – necessary spare parts for crushers, pellet mills, log splitters, etc. are available in stock of the manufacturing plant.

To buy crushers, granulator machines, mixers – the best equipment for landowners and cattle-breeders – at the manufacturer`s price, address to «Artmash» Ltd.