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All texts are written on the basis of our experience, as well as the impressions of our customers.

Setting up the weighing system in mixers
Instructions for setting up the recipe, weighing accuracy, reading totals and other aspects of working with the feed components weighing system.
Setting weight dispenser
We demonstrate in detail the work with the control unit of the weigher. Photo and video.
Instructions for proper use of the new die Artmash
Use of the granulator matrix: preparation for work, grinding, first and daily start, causes of wear and prohibited methods
Hardox steel: features, characteristics, advantages of use
Reasons for the effectiveness of the use of abrasion-resistant steel Hardox in the products of the Artmash plant. Video of material tests and crash tests of finished products
Compound feed preparation: how to ensure homogeneous mixing of premixes
Even the best mixer can produce feed that does not meet the standards of modern livestock breeders. Why it turns out this way and how to use the equipment correctly: figuring out the numbers based on research
Granulation of biomass: additional income from beer, mushrooms ...
We continue the cycle of granulating biomass. We talk about how the granulator helps to efficiently utilize the waste of beer, alcohol, paper production, as well as the substrate for growing mushrooms
The benefits of feeding cattle pellets
Many farms and even ordinary villagers switch to feeding cattle with pellets. Why? Granular feed free from the disadvantages of loose, more balanced than home feed mixtures and allows you to maximize the potential of animals.
How to avoid a fire in the manufacture of fuel pellets [preventive measures]
Woodworking enterprises are always at risk of fires. Unfortunately, some of our customers have experienced in their experience that this is true for manufacturers of fuel pellets. Therefore, it is better to timely take care of the proper storage of raw materials, their safe processing and suitable methods for storing finished granules.
Do you need a pellet cooler in the pelletizing line?
Sometimes we are asked to reduce the cost of the line as much as possible and even refuse a cooling column. However, we recommend using a pellet cooling system. Why? We will understand in detail.
Which is better: granulator or extruder?
"What is better to have on the farm: a granulator or an extruder" - the farmers ask our managers. It often turns out that not everyone understands the difference between these devices, so you need to consider the issue in detail.
Basic safety rules when working with rack and pinion splitter
Before starting the cleaver to work, make sure that all moving parts are securely locked. If your wood splitter is powered by electricity, make sure the cable is intact and the outlet is in good condition (the outlet is earthed, the voltage is as specified in the instructions).
Artmash rotary grinders VS hammer crushers
Rotary and hammer crushers are the most common in the agricultural equipment market. They are used to grind grass and grind grain. But the principle of their action is different from each other, which affects the productivity and quality of processed products ...
Benefits of Granular Fish Feed
High-quality fish food in pellets has increased water resistance and low swelling in water, so they are not destroyed. As a result, the feed retains all significant substances for the body until it is eaten by fish ...
Biomass Granulation Rules: Useful Tips for Beginners
Compound feed consists of a crushed mixture of vegetable and animal origin: grain and oilseeds, beans, hay, straw, grain waste, meat and meat and bone meal. For the normal growth and development of animals is ...
Processing wood waste into pellets: an environmentally friendly approach to business
Wood pellets are effective biofuels. The base of the granules is sawdust, they are added to the chips from knots, thin branches, bark, roots, other logging waste. It is also possible the use of straw, husks and ...
What are the benefits of granular feed: poultry experience
Granular feed is very popular among farmers and livestock breeders. The benefit from its use is undoubtedly large: the profitability of the economy is increased by improving the quality of feed used for animals. This reduces the cost of ...