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"What is better to have on the farm: a granulator or an extruder" - the farmers ask our managers. It often turns out that not everyone understands the difference between these devices, so you need to consider the issue in detail.

Extruder - equipment for the preparation of feed by extrusion. It involves heating the raw material under a pressure of 60 atmospheres and foaming it. The further process is similar to the use of a meat grinder: a soft mass is pressed through a disk with holes, forming small sausages. By dividing them into short sections, the farmer gets a kind of corn sticks, only for animals. They are high-calorie, sweetish and do not require chewing.

The granulator produces feed by granulation. In this case, the crushed or kneaded raw material is pressed through the matrix with special rollers without additional heating. The feed is compressed and becomes denser. Despite their hardness, feed pellets are more nutritious than feedstock and are readily eaten by animals.

Compare granulator and extruder

We will pay attention to both the characteristics of the resulting feed and the usability of the equipment.

Which is better: granulator or extruder

So, for fattening pigs for fat, an extruder is preferred. For growing meat breeds of pigs, poultry, cattle, rabbits, a granulator is more profitable. It is also preferable for businessmen who produce feed for sale and farmers who want to save on the equipment itself and maintenance staff. With a large number of livestock and the absence of financial constraints, you can try both types of feed manufacturers.

As a result, you decide whether to buy an extruder for your household or better to get a granulator. But if you make a choice in favor of the latter, or want to discuss which option is preferable in your situation, contact the managers of Artmash.

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