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The original Artmash matrices on the non-working side are marked with the logo of our plant, as well as the diameter of the matrix, perforation diameter, thickness and production period. This information helps to distinguish between dies for different raw materials, determine the expiration date of each die and, if necessary, easily order the exact same variant.

Any granulator matrix requires proper preparation for the work that the operator must perform. 

It is necessary to install the matrix on a clean (wiped or blown with air) surface, and also wipe the matrix at the place of its installation (along the perimeter).


Before starting granulation, it is necessary to lubricate the matrix with oil or (if it is a matrix for the manufacture of fuel pellets) with used grease.

Clamp the rollers to the reduction of the engine and gearbox, loosen the nut by 15-20 degrees (1/3 of one face of the nut) and screw the locknut.

Video instructions for adjusting the gap between the matrix and the rollers:

The launch of the matrix must be carried out on raw materials with high-fat content. The fat mixture for warming up the granulator consists of pure cake, sawdust with lubricant, or your feed with oil.

On average, 200 g of oil or used grease must be added to 15 liters of the mixture.

The fatty mixture must be granulated for 10-15 minutes, pouring the same raw material in a circle (we return the finished granules to the granulator hopper). Backfilling of raw materials should be dosed, in small portions.


If you see that the matrix is ​​already quickly forming granules from the fatty mixture, then you can begin to dose the necessary raw materials into the granulator.

You need to ensure that the raw material passes through almost all the holes in the matrix. If you notice that some of the holes do not work, then you need to clean the matrix and start working on the fat mixture again. Matrix cleaning is drilling holes that are clogged with raw materials. The diameter of the drill must match the diameter of the holes of this matrix.

If after cleaning the matrix its performance has not increased, you can re-drill it and start working with another mixture. For 15 liters of the original fat mixture, add 1-2 cups of white sand or finely sieved screenings. You can work on such a mixture for no more than 15 minutes.

Video instructions with the recipe of the mixture for grinding the granulator matrix:

If you have not achieved the result (you are not satisfied with the productivity, the matrix overcooks the granules, the temperature of the granules exceeds 110ºС, the granules are not formed, etc.), you need to write to the service manager of Artmash.



Work on clamped (pinched) rollers.

х Work on jammed rollers (when the roller does not rotate around its axis).
х Work idle, without raw materials
х Work with abrasive raw materials that damage the matrix metal.
х Do not polish the matrix in the way described in this manual.

Video on the causes of rapid wear of granulator matrices and rollers, as well as methods of prevention:

Remember that Artmash managers can help you solve all the issues with consumables. Do not use the tips from the Internet, as some of them can cause irreparable damage to the new matrix or rollers.

If you need to buy a new matrix for your granulator, call your personal manager, or leave an application on the website or in our social networks. Because many customers have individual matrices, we need the number from which the equipment was ordered or the name of your organization. This will help the manager to quickly find the parameters of your matrix in the database.

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