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The control unit used for the dispensers of models DV-0.6 and DV-1.5 is not intuitive, therefore, it is possible to interact with it correctly only after instruction.

So that you do not have any difficulties when setting the required weight for dosing, there are no problems with dosing accuracy and its change when switching to another type of raw material, we recommend using the tips.

First you need to go to the "Settings" menu. Press once on the "Enter" button (at the bottom it is signed "F"). After that, the letter "F" and two zeros are displayed on the scoreboard.

F00 weighing board

To enter the menu, dial the command "02". With the "Tare" (∆) button, we enter the numbers of the team selection. In order for the command “02” to appear on the display, press the “Tare” (∆) button 2 times.

F02 weighing board

After the command "02" is highlighted, you need to press "Enter" (F) and go to the menu.

Then press the Enter button (F) several times until the letter "d" lights up on the display.Weight dispenser display d004.75

Next to "d" you can see the specified weight in a rough approximation. The scoreboard shows that the gross weight is now set to 4.75 kg (gross weight is 5 kg).

Change in the weight of one package

For example, let's program the weighing dispenser for a total weight of 10 kg.

Press "Mode" (◁). With each click on the button, the numbers on the scoreboard move from right to left. When a 4 hits the leftmost cell, you can press Mode (◁) again and it will appear in the rightmost cell. That is, the numbers move in a circle.

Values ​​can only be changed in the rightmost column using the Tare (∆) button. Keep pressing until the desired number appears. Then you need to move the number one digit to the left with the "Mode" button (◁) and enter the next one.

Weight dispenser display d004.75 tare/mode

Whenever an approximate weight is given, it should be 200-300g less than the exact weight. This is a reserve for the exact addition of the product during dosing. Therefore, if the dispenser is programmed for a total weight of 10 kg, you must enter 9.700 or 9.800.

Initially, the scoreboard is 004.75. The last digit is 5, you need to change it to 9 (you should end up with 9700). Press the Tare (∆) button until 9 appears instead of the last 5.

Scoreboard weigher d004.79

Then you need to shift the number to the left with the "Mode" button (◁) and proceed to the next digit. With the “Tare” button (∆) we change it to 7 and with the “Mode” button (◁) we translate the number to the left by one digit to change the next number. All other numbers are changed to 0. 

Scoreboard weigher d047.90

Then we translate the number relative to the bottom point so that it is 009.70.

After entering the approximate weight, you must press the Enter button (F) to proceed to the next step and determine the final weight at which the weigher stops.

Weigher display d009.70 Input
To do this, press "Enter" (F) several times until the letter "d" appears in the leftmost column.

Precise weight adjustment in one package

The appearance of the letter "d" means that you have entered the fine weight setting menu, after which the weigher stops.

Weigher display d005.00 Entry

Now it costs 5 kg, to change it to 10 kg, you need to press the “Mode” button (◁) several times until the 5-erka is in the rightmost cell. Then, by pressing the “Tare” (∆) button, you need to change the number 5 to 1, after that, by pressing the “Mode” button (◁) several times, move 1 to the left until 010.00 is displayed on the display.

Weight dispenser display d010.00

If you see such a board, the weight of one package is set as 10 kg.

Now you need to press "Enter" (F) several times until the display shows the weight stand weight -13,700.

Scoreboard weigher -13.70

Removing the tare weight

The dispenser must be configured to ignore the weight of the sensor platform and bag stand. The stand is fixed at the desired height so that the top of the container is directly under the unloading tray. For full-sized 50 kg bags, it is not necessary to use a stand, since the dimensions of the platform are calculated for it.

To reset the weight, press the Tare (∆) button.

Weighing board 20.00

If you remove the stand after adjustment, the dispenser will show a negative weight. In this case, you need to press the “Tare” (∆) button again to reset. In the same way, you can reset the weight of the container itself: a box, a bag made of paper or polyethylene.

The dispenser is ready to go.

Precise weight adjustment during operation

The plate for falling asleep is moved by two vibrating magnets. There are two controllers (frequency converters) inside the control cabinet of the weigher. The first is for coarse dosing and the second regulator is for fine dosing.

Since the machine has been programmed for a weight of 9,700 kg, the dispenser can dispense approximately 9,800 - 9,900 kg.

To prevent the dispenser from pouring more, you need to turn the knob counterclockwise and reduce the pouring speed.

Frequency converters of the weigher

Additionally, it is possible to open the gate more / less, so that the granules or bulk product pour faster or slower - this is how the productivity of the dispenser is regulated.

Weighing gate

If, for example, at the stage of rough dosage, 9,800 was poured, then you need to open the control panel and slightly turn the regulator of the fine dosage frequency converter clockwise.

So you will see when the dispenser will work quickly and accurately enough.

Restoring work after an error

If dashes appear on the display, this means that the device needs to be “zeroed”. The cause may be a surge in the mains, which led to an overload of the processor, as well as memory overflow.

To "zero" you need to open the remote control and turn off the power to the device for a few seconds, then start it again.

Error weigher board

After starting, the dispenser display shows that there is some weight on the platform.

Err 08 weighing board

In this case, you need to press any button and the display will show the weight with the platform. After pressing the "Tare" (∆) button, the display will show 0.

It is difficult to understand the pictures - watch the video. Voice acting in Ukrainian is dubbed with subtitles in Russian. If you need English or other subtitles, please write about it here or in the comments below the video.

A brief version of this manual, as well as a service manager's business card, are attached to the documents for the equipment.

If after reading the guide you still have questions, contact your personal manager, or leave a request on the site. We will investigate the issue and put you in touch with the appropriate specialist.

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