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Wood splitter is a modern large-scale firewood cutting machine. It is used in forestry, households or enterprises. Working with a wood splitter is not_difficult, the main thing is to adhere to simple safety rules. This will avoid physical injuries and ensure proper operation of the installation. To do this, the novice user must read the instructions for servicing the cleaver. More on this later in the article.

Preparing for safe logging

Remember that a wood splitter should only be used for its intended purpose.

Before starting the cleaver to work, make sure that all moving parts are securely locked. If your wood splitter is powered by electricity, make sure the cable is intact and the outlet is in good condition (the outlet is earthed, the voltage is as specified in the instructions). Also, before turning on, the machine should not have any foreign objects.

The operator should also prepare for the process.


  1. Wear protective clothing (it should not be loose), comfortable shoes with a stable sole and work gloves.
  2. Protect the organs of vision with special glasses/face shield/mask.

People should not be allowed to work under the influence of alcohol intoxication, drugs or potent drugs.

After reading the instructions and conducting the briefing, you can proceed to the process of chopping wood. See how this happens in the video review.

To start, it is enough:

  • plug the cord into a power outlet (if the machine is running on voltage) or pour gasoline;
  • then put the log on the loading table (be sure to put the wood in a horizontal position). The cleaver should run along the fibers, as if wedging between them. Installing a log across the table is very harmful to the equipment, although our machine is able to withstand such a load. You can verify this by looking at the crash test;

  • Using the lever, start the pusher into action. When a particularly hard knot comes across, the log does not split to the end. To continue work, in such a situation, it is enough to set the pusher handle to the starting position and repeat the strike.

Such a phased process takes a minimum of time, but there are several rules that the operator should adhere to when working with a wood splitter.

Security measures

The machine must be placed on a flat horizontal surface.

There should be no people near the working cleaver except one operator. The same applies to children and animals.

You must not leave your workplace during the process of chopping wood. Be sure to turn off the wood splitter before leaving. Do not carry equipment with the engine running.

You can only process logs whose diameter does not exceed the allowable dimensions for this equipment. Otherwise, it will lead to damage to the equipment.

Care must be taken to ensure that the logs do not contain metal or other foreign objects.

If during operation the first time it was not possible to split the log, return the handle to its original position and re-strike.

If the situation recurs, set the wood aside and inspect it. It is possible that metal fragments or other foreign matter are stuck in it.

In case of any extraneous noise, changes in the sound of the engine running, the appearance of odors or smoke, the work should be stopped before troubleshooting.

After the end of the working day, it is necessary to clean the area of ​​work from chips, bark and other wood waste, which can cause bruising or personal injury.

Safe rack splitter

The splitter also needs timely maintenance, which determines the long service life. From time to time, it is worth lubricating the components, using the instructions that are provided to each buyer of the electric dive.

For people who do not have the necessary skills, it is not recommended to carry out any repairs or replace parts themselves, as this can cause an accident during the preparation of firewood. Otherwise, the user is fully responsible for the performance of his equipment. If necessary, you can contact the manufacturer to replace the spare part.

Observance of such simple rules will ensure safe operation with a wood splitter and avoid injuries, as well as extend the life of the rack and pinion machine.

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