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Rotary and hammer crushers are the most common in the agricultural equipment market. They are used to grind grass and grind grain. Such shredders are characterized by small dimensions, reliable construction and reasonable price.

But the principle of their action is different from each other, which affects the productivity and quality of processed products. What is the difference, we will talk further in the article.

The principle of operation of rotor and hammer crushers

Straw cutters LLC Artmash is equipment with an all-metal rotor and replaceable knives.

The principle of operation of the rotary crusher is as follows:

1. When loading, the raw material enters the hopper and grinding drum.
2. Using special knives that are mounted on a rotating rotor of the crusher, grinding of grain, straw, hay, corn, etc. takes place in a few minutes.

Red hot crusher knives

3. As soon as the fraction becomes sufficiently small, the particles pass through the holes in the grid and are fed into the bag. The diameter of the perforation can be selected according to your needs.

An important difference between the feed chopper and Artmash is that it uses Italian knives for crushing, which guarantees their hardness and resistance to daily stresses.

In the case of hammer crushers, the installation has a more complex structure. Grinding occurs at the expense of hammers that are inside the drum. When it rotates, the hammers hit the body and thereby crush the feed material. This leads to high noise and dust generation.

Hammer mill

Why rotary grain crushers are superior to hammer crushers:

  • they can grind very hard particles, for example, extruded fodder yeast (hammer can throw them away);
  • Efficiency is 40% higher;
  • amenable to repair, consumables can be changed without much effort and tool;
  • light weight simplifies delivery, and the presence of wheels allows you to effortlessly move the installation around the workshop, warehouse;
  • require less energy;
  • They do not emit vibrations, therefore they do not require rigid fixing to the floor.

At the Artmash plant, all work units and spare parts are made from high quality materials, which increases the service life and the efficiency of the grinders.

Advantages of Artmash straw crushers in comparison with other manufacturers

The catalog of the company LLC Artmash is regularly updated with new products through innovative developments. This also applies to rotary crushers, which in their characteristics can compete with products from other manufacturers.

Rotary crusher with cyclone LLC


  • all-metal rotor - lasts longer, withstands heavy loads;
  • The presence of neodymium magnets helps to separate metal debris during grinding. This protects the drum with knives from damage. If they are not present, the senodrobilka becomes unusable after the first hit of a bolt in the hopper;
  • The double stationary bunker allows to load separately grain and grass crops. At the same time, there is no need to install the hopper before chopping the straw, and then remove it again, as is required by analogues with a removable hopper;
  • safe feed hopper, there is no way to accidentally suffer;
  • productivity of rotor crushers reaches 400 kg/h;
  • the presence of interchangeable knives, which can be ordered at the enterprise LLC Artmash. When one breaks down, there is no need to change the entire assembly; it is enough to change only a specific knife.

And also the straw chopper produced by Artmash LLC is equipped with a mini cyclone. Thanks to this, dust does not spread and normal working conditions for workers are ensured. Convenient unloading of the crushed fraction into bags occurs without stopping the grinder and without losses (many rotary crushers simply dump the finished fraction into a heap, while the trifle scatters).

The LLC Artmash enterprise provides a guarantee for rotor crushers of 12 months together with post warranty service.

Do you use rotary or hammer crushers? What are the pros and cons in the work of both? We are happy to read your reviews and comments.

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