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An equipment
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«Artmash» Ltd designs and produces the equipment for cattle breeding, farming and forestry. We offer log splitters, crushers, pellet mills, mixers for feeds production.

Our enterprise introduced a closed production cycle: from metal supply to equipment launching. In «Artmash» Ltd, you can order the manufacture of 1 production item or equipment line for automation in the sphere of agriculture and cattle breeding.

Catalog of equipment for automation in livestock and farming

Crushers, log splitters, pellet mills –
our equipment

Our own productive capacity allows us to produce agricultural equipment of any modification within 2-5 weeks, depending on current workload.  All the equipment necessarily undergoes QC inspection.

«Artmash» Ltd offers the following types of production:


Granulation Line

We make the equipment for fuel pellets and animal feeds (rabbits, fish, birds) production. The equipment is designed for agricultural wastes recycling. As a result, there are granules of 2-8 mm (for feed) to 6-8 mm (usage in fuel boilers). We also offer the line, which includes dosed supply screw conveyors, crushers, norias, vibrotables, combined feed and pellet cooling machines. 


We offer large processing complexes for the industrial production of pelleted and loose feed. The plant may include several granulation lines, use 2-4 granulators, etc. We make a preliminary 3D project, taking into account the parameters of the customer's premises.

Mixer for feeds production

Mixer for feeds production makes it possible to prepare a homogeneous mixture (96%) from feed, bio-supplements, premix, and vitamins. Mixing is within 6 minutes. The processed raw material is realized into the screw conveyor, after that it can be sent to granulating. Mixer for feeds production is operated by 1 operator. Equipment helps make a balanced mixture for animals` ration and provide the increase in healthy cattle.


Log splitters

We offer rack log splitters of productivity 15 to 30 m3 for shift. Strength of 12 t is enough to split any kind of wood. The productivity of our equipment is similar to hydraulic log splitters while the market price is much lower. Combined models can function all-mains or self-contained – on petrol. They also make it possible to stock wood for housekeeping or industrial enterprise.


Pellet mills

They recycle sawdust, straw, sunflower wastes, seed husk, combined feed. The granule diameter is from 2 to 8 mm. Equipment productivity is from 80 to 400 kg/h.
Pellet mills are equipped with a thermal relay, which in proper time switches off the engine in case of its overheating. The products have a long lifetime and are almost not noisy thanks to evolvent helical gearingю



Crushers are used for grinding straw, hay, grain and corn cobs. We produce multipurpose and industrial models. Crushers help recycle the raw materials of humidity not higher than 15 % into animal feed and fuel pellets. They can be bought and used together with mixers. Productivity to 2000 kg/h. 


Screw conveyor

It is used for dosed supply of raw materials in the lines manufacturing combined feed and pellet. It works with the following equipment: crushers, pellet mills, oil-press, etc. Productivity – to 3000 kg/h. Bin volume – 0.6 m3.


Pellet cooler

It is designed for cooling the pellets coming out of the granulator machine. Pellets are cooled from the outlet temperature 70-90˚C to 15-20˚C. Cooled granulated feed or pellet can be stored for a long time without mold formation. 



Dosing devices of the weighing type are designed to facilitate the process of packing finished granules and pellets. Measurement accuracy 1 g. You can fill packages from 1 kg to 50 kg. They are characterized by low power consumption. Can be used with any bulk products, including for dosing grain and plastic granules.



We manufacture belt bucket loaders for pelletizing lines. The range includes closed and semi-closed inclined conveyors, as well as completely closed vertical elevators. The size and material of the buckets is chosen by the client.


The price of straw crusher, grain crusher, feed-cutter, pellet granulating line and other agricultural equipment can be specified at «Artmash» Ltd managers: +38 067 536-42-15.

The advantages of our products

Landowners and cattle-breeders from all over Ukraine and 20 other countries address to us for equipment production because our equipment:

1     2     3

Motor protected against overheating (thermal relay, ammeter)


Parts that are subject to stress are made from alloy steels

    Factory inspection and elimination of defects
4     5     6
Easy to maintain and operate     High performance     Fast consumables dispatch

To buy agricultural equipment (log splitter, crusher, pellet mills, cooling machines) at the manufacturer`s price and with delivery over Ukraine and abroad, address to us.