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chips to sawdust
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Chip-to-sawdust grinding complex
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Model: KPSh-30-1.5

Voltage: 380V

Total engine power: 38,1 kW

Chip hopper volume: 1.5 m3

Capacity: 500 - 1500 kg/h

Mesh perforation diameter: 8 mm

Weight: 1635 kg

Number of hammers: 64 pcs

Dimensions: 4390x3290x3600 mm


Crushing complex for wood chips
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Model: KPSh-30-3

Voltage: 380V

Total motor power: 40.6 kW

Chip hopper volume: 3 m3

Capacity: 500 – 1500 kg/h

Mesh perforation diameter: 8 mm

Number of hammers: 64 pcs

Weight: 2100 kg

Dimensions: 4390x3290x3600 mm


Pellet pelletizing line from sawdust
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Raw materials: sawdust, waste MDF, chipboard

Line capacity: 100-1000 kg/hour

✅ Certificate ECM


We will calculate the cost according to your request

Any modification to your needs

⚙ we will select a set for your tasks;

⚙ change the height of unloading, supports, cyclones;

⚙ We will increase the size of the bunkers, lengthen the hoses, and strengthen the aspiration;

⚙ add bunker covers, wheels, sensors;

⚙ consider the possibility of increasing productivity.

We will send an individual commercial proposal with a 3D model and / or a collage within 5 hours.

Examples of modifications


LLC "Artmash" offers complete solutions for the industrial grinding of wood waste into sawdust for subsequent granulation into pellets, mulching or other applications. We will arrange delivery to your region of Ukraine, the EU or the world. Our clients are in 25 countries on 3 continents.


Ease of use. The operation of the complex is automated as much as possible, so one operator is enough for maintenance. Thanks to the aspiration system, the crushed wood particles after grinding do not spread in the air, but settle in the filters. The premises remain clean, the attendants do not need protective masks.

Durability of consumables and critical components. For the manufacture of cutting elements, Hardox 500 steel is used, the body is made of thick sheets of metal. We buy abrasive and weather resistant hoses. We carefully check motors, gearboxes and other components.

Security. Wood shredders, like the rest of the equipment, are equipped with a thermal relay and an ammeter. When overloaded, the motor will automatically shut down.

Compatibility. Wood waste shredders of our production will easily complement the industrial line for the production of pellets from Artmash or another manufacturer. The resulting fraction is well suited for the formation of standard fuel pellets with a diameter of 6 and 8 mm. The equipment will help prepare wet raw materials for drying before granulation.

If you want to see wood chippers in action, you can watch the video on our YouTube channel, and photos of all models are available in the catalog. To find out the price of individual configurations, please contact our managers.


i Individual equipment for your needs (we change the volume of bunkers, engine power, add conveyors, etc.).
Briefing and pre-sale check of equipment in our production. Come with your raw materials and staff for the most effective training.
Г1 year warranty and post-warranty service for the entire life of the equipment.

To buy a wood waste shredder at the price of the manufacturer, as well as to arrange delivery throughout Ukraine and abroad, please contact Artmash LLC.