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Two-speed granulators
universal, for feed and pellets. CE
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Two-speed Granulators

Two-speed universal granulators are non-standard equipment that copes equally well with the production of granules from sawdust, husks and animal feed. This is a great option for those who produce pellets for their own needs or are engaged in the production of fuel pellets only in the cold season.

At the Artmash plant you can buy productive reliable two-speed granulators with delivery in the country and in any other country. We provide a 1 year warranty, supply any necessary consumables and parts.

Features of two-speed granulators

One of the important secrets of obtaining strong granules is the correct choice of engine speed. Feed is well granulated at high speeds, pellets - at low. That is why the performance of feed pellets on a pellet granulator is small. And when you try to make pellets on a feed model, the raw material begins to smolder in the matrix.

The two-speed granulator is able to switch between modes, which makes it possible to select the optimal speed for each raw material.

Now in our catalog there are two models of universal devices:

> 13-17 kW model. On the waste of sunflower she gives up to 250 kg of granules per hour.
> model with a power of 22-33 kW. Productivity on sunflower waste - up to 350 kg/h.

Not enough information - just call our managers and ask your question.

Benefits of Two Speed ​​Granulators

Among the main advantages:

universality. If the pellet purchase season is over, you can simply change the mode and switch to the production of granular feed. No need to purchase additional equipment, so as not to depend on the season;
reliability. Traditionally we make movable units from alloy steel, we conduct heat treatment, we control quality at all stages of production;
cost. The price of a two-speed granulator is always less than two analogues with the same performance.

If you are in doubt whether a two-speed granulator is suitable for you, if you want to discuss the possibility of delivery in the country and the CIS, or if you want to order a modification, leave a request for a call back or contact us in another convenient way.