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Equipment for the processing of sunflower husks, straw, soybean waste, rapeseed. We will assemble a kit for a given performance
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Feed pelletizing complex
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Raw materials: feed of any composition (including hay, straw, alfalfa)

Productivity: 250-350 kg/h

Finished product: granules

✅ Certificate ECM

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
Any modification to your needs

⚙ we will select a 7.5-15 kW grinder;

⚙ we will select a granulator 4-15 kW;

⚙ we will make a reinforced mixing auger;

⚙ reduce the height of the cyclone;

⚙ add an oil injection system.

Examples of modifications
Pellet production line from sunflower waste
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Raw materials: sunflower waste

Line productivity: 200-500 kg/hour

✅ Certificate ECM

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
Any modification to your needs

⚙ we will select a set for your tasks;

⚙ change the height of unloading, supports, cyclones;

⚙ We will increase the size of the bunkers, lengthen the hoses, and strengthen the aspiration;

⚙ add bunker covers, wheels, sensors;

⚙ consider the possibility of increasing productivity.

We will send an individual commercial proposal with a 3D model and / or a collage within 5 hours.

Examples of modifications

Pelletizing lines for agricultural waste

The Artmash granulation line will help turn agricultural waste into fuel pellets for heating or organic fertilizer granules. We manufacture equipment for processing the remains of soybean stalks, rapeseed, ambrosia and sunflower husks, straw, hops, tobacco and various mixtures.

Each kit is assembled and manufactured for the client, so you have the opportunity to order a modification of an unsuitable node. We will provide a 3D model and a drawing of the future line.


Components of the granulation line for agricultural waste

 An example of a complete set of a granulation line for agricultural waste

The complete set includes the following equipment:



For pre-treatment of straw, hay, corn stalks, etc., you can use:

  • universal grinder 7.5 - 11 kW with cyclone. Suitable for mini-lines with a capacity of up to 300 kg/h.
  • industrial straw cutter 11-18.5 kW. The product is supplied with a table for convenient feeding of bales and an inclined bunker. Suitable for production lines.

All models of shredders can be connected via a hose to the feed auger hopper for the most convenient operation of the line in enclosed spaces.

In lines that process waste from the fields after the combine, a chopper is not needed.



For the dosed supply of crushed raw materials to the granulator hopper, the following can be responsible:

  • auger or auger-mixer 0.6 cubic meters. The second option is preferable for heterogeneous raw materials, as well as materials requiring the addition of binders;
  • auger 1.5 or 3 cubes with one neck. It is selected depending on the productivity of the granulator and the bulk density of the raw material;
  • double-head auger 1.5 or 3 m3. Required for simultaneous operation of two granulators in a line.




Some types of agricultural waste can be processed on both feed and pellet models of pellet mills. As a rule, a pellet mill is necessary for clumping sunflower husks or straw mixed with greasy waste.

For other types of plant waste, you can choose both feed and pellet granulators with a capacity of:

  • 7.5-11 kW - an option for the weakest mini-lines;
  • 15 kW - model for servicing small farms;
  • 22 kW - highly productive granulator for processing a large amount of waste;
  • 37 kW - the most powerful granulator "Artmash" for those who plan to produce granules for wholesale. 

The rollers of the feed pellet mill rotate faster, so it gives more productivity. But for raw materials that exert significant loads on the working units of the mechanism, only a pellet granulator is needed.



The Artmash catalog contains coolers with a capacity of 1 ton of pellets per hour. They are designed to service lines with granulators 22-37 kW, where process automation is important.

In lines of lower productivity it is possible to cool the granules in a natural way.



The vertical bucket conveyor picks up pellets from the vibrating table of the cooling complex and loads them into a batcher hopper, storage tank, big bag or other container.



A granule dosing device is necessary in cases where granules are produced for sale and need to be packaged.

We can offer semi-automated batchers with hopper sizes of 0.6 m3 and 1.5 m3.


Mandatory components of the line for granulating agricultural waste are a granulator and a dosing screw. Other elements can be discarded completely or purchased later.



Reasons to buy a granulation line for agricultural waste from Artmash

When ordering equipment from us, you get:



Reliable durable technology

  • Design solutions have been proven by the experience of hundreds of customers. We constantly improve each model so that it meets the expectations of users.
  • We use alloy steels for the manufacture of critical components of mechanisms, we use Hardox 500 abrasive-resistant steel, we install ZKL bearings.
  • The line received a CE certificate confirming the quality and safety of products.

Optimal combination of price and quality

  • Our products can always be purchased directly from us, without paying for the work of third-party organizers. We cooperate with individuals and legal entities from Ukraine and other countries.
  • We select solutions for your budget. For each element of the line there is an analogue of less power, it is possible to use 2in1 equipment (auger + mixer, grain crusher + straw cutter).

Warranty and post-warranty service

  • We help with setup, commissioning and maintenance. The first start-up and training is at our factory. When you install the equipment at your place, the service manager, electrician and designer will explain all the incomprehensible technical nuances.
  • During the year we eliminate the missed factory defect (too quickly worn out parts).
  • Always ready to provide new consumables. Demanded spare parts are in stock, individual ones will be produced in 3-4 days. If you are not satisfied with the quality, we will replace it at our own expense.


To find out which complete set of the agricultural waste pelletizing line is better to buy in your case, to clarify the terms of production and delivery in the country, to discuss an agreement for sending equipment abroad - call Artmash managers.