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Devices of digital indication are best suitable for equipping turning and milling machinery. The devices make it possible to introduce modern technologies while modernizing out-of-date machinery. Devices of digital indication with optical rulers are mounted on metal-working machines. Such mounting increases machine-operator`s capacity as well as the accuracy of manufactured parts, it also reduces the number of defects.

You can order devices of digital indication, optical rulers at a bargain price and with quality guarantee in «Artmash» Ltd. We also organize equipment delivery by transport services to any part of the world. EVICES OF DIGITAL INDICATION

Devices of digital indication

Devices of digital indication are used for electrical signal processing, coming from optical rulers. They reproduce the obtained data on the display, help accomplish operations of information processing.

Devices of digital indication depict the coordinates of moving axels on the metal-working machines. Using such devices, you can increase the accuracy of parts producing in 2-3 times, the operators will not have to make allowances for the backlash in the equipment.

«Artmash» Ltd offers digital display devices with the following options:

Tracking the coordinates of moving axels on the machines;
Option of circumference division;
Memory for 200 instruments;
Calculator, calculation of the billet tilt;
absolute and relative coordinates;
 determination of the billet center.

We implement devices of digital indication with resolution from 0,1 to 10 microns, display – 7-discharge with inscription, visualization of coordinates of 2,3 axels.

Optical rulers

The main parts are: transparent ruler with microscopic hatching and optical reading head that moves along the ruler. The device is simple but very reliable; it provides the accuracy of measurements to the fractions of mcm.

While moving, the reader reacts to a sequence of spans and strokes, analog signal is transmitted to device of digital indication, which transforms the number of strokes processed into digital data. The information is depicted on the display.

Device parameters:

> Working length – the bigger it is, the bigger cross-section and the size of the reading head are;
> Accuracy – is measured in fractions of microns (from 3 to 10 mcm)
> Measurement resolution – the value of ruler sensitivity.

Optical rulers can function at the temperature from 10 to +60 degrees centigrade.  Protection class – IP55.

Optical sensors and DDC can be used both on up-to-date machines and for modernization of out-of-date equipment. The usage of such devices increases metal processing capacity, simplifies operator`s work, provides machine-operators of any qualification with an opportunity to produce complex billets. Equipping plant machines with sensors and digital devices of digital indication will make it possible to minimize any machinery backlash.

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