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Artmash in 2021: summing up the results


2021 was a rich and productive year for the Artmash plant. We continued to improve products and develop new models, worked on expanding production facilities, and also tried to be open to you on the website, on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr. We kept up-to-date information in Google Maps, at Prom, Flagma, OLX and other sites.

In 2021, for the first time, we held a New Year's promotion with discounts. Realizing the difficult situation with heating this winter, they reduced the price of firewood cutters by UAH 4,000 (to the level of 2019). Thanks to this, a number of organizations were able to purchase high-quality industrial equipment for chopping wood to heat rural schools and kindergartens.

Expansion of the range

First of all, you may have noticed changes in the hardware catalog:


  for small farms, a 220 l mixing auger appeared;  


  for large-scale lines, a 3 cubic meter auger was developed;  


  double-headed augers began to be produced for placing two granulators in one line at the same time;  


  developed a new model of 11 kW universal grinder with pneumatic grain supply. It is designed specifically for customers with limitations on the maximum power of the equipment;  


  launched the production of flexible augers - a new type of conveyor for us;  


  added granulators powered by tractor GDP to the site. We have been producing them for over 6 years, but due to rare requests for such a product, we have not shown them before.  

Cooling complex Artmash with a hopper for granules

Simultaneously with the expansion of the catalog, obsolete models began to be removed from production. In particular, we no longer produce cascade coolers, we have completely switched to more efficient counterflow coolers.

Also, the 7.5 and 11 kW shredders are no longer available with mini cyclones, only full size cyclones. The cyclones themselves have changed and are connected to the crusher hopper with two hoses for better dust removal.

The funnel hopper metering auger was popular but inconvenient to transport. Now it has been replaced by a model with a rectangular hopper that fits even in a Mercedes Sprinter.

Development of workshops of the Artmash plant

Workshop of the Artmash plant

No less changes took place on the territory of the plant:

  built a new workshop for laser cutting and welding;  

  expanded the room for heat treatment;  

  transferred a team of electricians to a new enlarged workshop;  

  assembled a module for painting larger equipment;  

  the warehouse was supplemented with a canopy for temporary placement of equipment prepared for shipment;  

  put into operation 2 modern CNC milling machines, as well as a machine for sawing large-diameter round metal into blanks for matrices;  

  modernized the storage system for large billets and equipment to make it easier to find and transport all parts to the desired location;  

  improved heating taking into account the emergence of new workshops.  

These events can be followed up-to-date in social networks. We always share such moments with our subscribers.

Changes on the Internet

In addition to improving the premises, our official website was also modernized to make it more convenient and understandable. In particular:

  We have provided a convenient display of the price so that you do not have to open the characteristics to view it. The cost is not indicated only for lines and factories, because it fluctuates depending on the configuration.  

  In the block of modifications under each product, they explained what we can change in it.  

  We created a page with examples of modifications and configurations available for each product.  

  Added the ability to leave reviews on the product page. Reviews left on other sites, with the consent of customers, were duplicated on the site.  

  We improved the display of the site in the mobile version (separated the logical blocks for easier reading, changed the proportions of the pictures to enlarge them, etc.).  

  Added subcategories on pages with a lot of products. For example, granulators can filter feed, pellet and two-speed, and shredders include grain crushers, hay cutters and station wagons.  

  Filmed and edited 35 videos about their products. Among them: instructions for use and configuration, customer visits, demonstration of the capabilities of new and updated models.  


We added photos of all members of our team to the site in the section "About the Company". Office workers with telephones can be found in the "Contacts" section so that it is easy for clients and partners to contact the desired department.

   We made a map of the geography of deliveries to demonstrate where our products were sent. Now it is easy to clarify whether we can deliver equipment to your country, region or town.  
  We added a page "Dealers" for those wishing to cooperate with us or to clarify the presence of a representative office in their country.  
  Articles, news and answers to frequently asked questions are collected in one tab "Info" so that the necessary information is intuitively.  

Unfortunately, not all plans were realized. In particular, part of the equipment that was expected to be added to the main catalog this year had to be transferred to the next one.

Also, it was not possible to avoid the increase in prices for customers - the increase in the cost of metal, bearings, motors, hoses, electricity and other components left no choice.

Site search does not work perfectly, we will improve it in the future.

We still have many plans for further development. We hope you stay with us and take advantage of the positive results of improving all aspects of the Artmash plant.

What has changed at the Artmash plant in 2021. Over 30 positive steps and a few unfinished business
Consider the articles of the law that regulate our activities. How we comply with legal requirements and provide information to foreign-language buyers.
The Artmash product catalog has been replenished with a new product category - industrial weighing batchers. At the moment, we manufacture semi-automatic single-channel devices that optimally meet the needs of our customers. Industrial dispensers "Artmash" are primarily designed to facilitate the packaging of feed pellets and fuel pellets. They are now included in the complete set of pelletizing lines, regardless of the type of feedstock.
We talk about the uniqueness of the new rotor-hammer crusher developed by the designers of the Artmash plant
Recently, the catalog of the Artmash plant has been replenished with the third model of a granulator with a 7.5 kW motor. Previously, we only offered pellet and feed versions, now we also produce a universal one - for all types of raw materials.
The 37 kW sawdust granulator is the largest and most productive model from Artmash. We talk about technical nuances and protective systems.
Now the equipment of LLC Artmash can be bought on credit at 0% per month for up to 36 months. No bank visit and income statement required
Clients have repeatedly asked us about a small granulator capable of processing sawdust. Designers "Artmash" took into account your wishes and developed a granulator of sawdust for 7.5 kW
Artmash Plant presents new equipment - a complex for the preparation of compound feeds for all types of pets. It performs grinding, mixing and dosing operations. The product can be supplemented with a granulator and / or cooling column ...
New auger of exact loading with a hopper of 1.5 cubic meters. designed at the request of customers who do not have enough silos of standard volume. Changing the design of the hopper made it more capacious and productive, but at the same time the equipment did not lose the possibility of fine tuning.