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Petrol feed granulator - an analogue of electric models


We always listen to the requests and wishes of our customers regarding the efficiency and economical operation of the equipment for the production of granular feed. Therefore, today we want to talk about a new model of a granulator, which does not work on electricity, but on a gasoline engine.

Equipment will become an indispensable tool for those:

• who does not have the ability to connect the granulator to a voltage of 380 V;

• who is faced with frequent power outages;

• who benefits from using gasoline than paying electricians.

To see the operation of the gas granulator in action, see the video prepared for you.

This model has already been tested and passed the OTC test. In addition, the drilling and countersinking of the matrices to the granulator, as well as the turning and milling of the rollers, took place on new CNC machines, in particular ─ (Akira Mi 745, V series) from Akira-Seiki. Therefore, we exclude the appearance of defects such as unevenness of holes, uneven bridges between holes, deformation of the matrix, etc.

Petrol feed granulator

What is the peculiarity of a gasoline granulator

The feed pellet mill runs on a 6.5 horsepower Sadko gasoline engine. Such a model is good in that it makes it possible to obtain excellent productivity (for processing grass crops - 200 kg/hour, for grain - 250 kg/hour) in the absence of an electrical network.

Note the important differences of the new model with a gasoline engine:

  • on this granulator we use a high-quality, time-tested Slovenian Sadko internal combustion engine, where 92 pure gasoline is poured, without any oil. We also use this engine to complete our industrial wood splitter for more than 8 years;
  • our development was installed on the motor shaft - a centrifugal clutch, which allows you to start the motor normally and operate the equipment without failures;
  • the product is painted with a hammer paint, which has more resistance and durability than the coating that we used before.

The work of the gasoline pellet mill is excellent, it can withstand loads and provides performance at the level of a pelletizer with a power of 7.5 kW. To increase productivity, you can use the equipment in tandem with a dosed feed screw or with another new product of ours - a screw-feed mixer. Such a complex will help protect the engine from overheating, and the rollers and the matrix from frequent wear.

Гранулятор на бензиновом двигателе со шнеком точной подачи-смесителем корма

Granulator on a gasoline engine with a precision feed auger-feed mixer

The model on a gasoline engine is:

  1. Practical and convenient to use. It has small dimensions and is suitable for subsidiary or small farming;
  2. Transportable and easy to operate. The equipment is easy to move around the territory, thanks to the presence of wheels, and it’s enough to involve one operator in the management.

The warranty for this granulator is 12 months. There is also a post-warranty service. If necessary, you can order parts and accessories for equipment from us. Our customers have already managed to test the petrol feed granulator for performance and efficiency. We are satisfied with the modification and performance, as evidenced by good reviews and an increase in those who wish to purchase such a model.

Who has already used a granulator that runs on electricity or gasoline? What benefits would you single out for each model? We will be glad to read your feedback in the comments.

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