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Firewood conveyor: fast loading into truck


Manufacture of firewood on an industrial scale requires the automation of all stages of production. Log cutting is facilitated by our chop wood splitters, but the process of loading ready-made firewood onto a truck is also a laborious and lengthy process.

Therefore, a new product appeared in the Artmash catalog - a conveyor for firewood. The conveyor can now be purchased separately or ordered as part of a drovokolny line. Kolka and loading will be able to deal with only two operators. The conveyor is suitable for loading firewood into small and medium tonnage vehicles.

Features of the conveyor for firewood Artmash

Our transporter is distinguished by:

  • High performance. The belt-scraper conveyor for firewood can move up to 40 stock meters of firewood per hour onto the body. Perfect for firewood business owners.
  • Hammer painting. The metal parts of the equipment are reliably protected from the effects of the external environment; therefore, they will remain operable and have a presentable appearance for a long time. The conveyor can be operated and stored exclusively under the open sky.
  • Connection 220 V or 380 V. If you do not have a three-phase connection, the conveyor can work from a household network.
  • Lack of consumables. Most similar small conveyors are equipped with a tape with soft combs. It copes worse with firewood and requires frequent replacement. Our tape is not required to replace.
  • Silent work. It is provided by a worm gear motor with high torque.
  • Large wheels with solid wheels. They will last a long time, even if you move the transporter daily.

A conveyor of firewood Artmash

Artmash LLC produces a conveyor for firewood in one size, but for those who want to buy this model with a different width or length, it is possible to manufacture on order. The designer of the plant will calculate the necessary changes so as to satisfy the wishes of the customer without any harm to the quality of the equipment.

What our clients will get

Belt conveyor belt owners:

  1. They will be able to assemble a high performance drovokolnuyu line, even if they bought a drovokol for a very long time or of another brand. The conveyor is height adjustable and compatible with all types of shovels and most trucks.
  2. Accelerate the process of work, since the loading of firewood will be carried out simultaneously with the splitting. This is convenient for those who sell firewood not packed. Firewood in bags can be loaded in the same way, but one more operator will be needed for packaging.
  3. They will save on the conveyor, because our conveyor is able to serve two firewood servers simultaneously. There is no need to buy separate loaders for each cleaver.
  4. Will not be affected due to network drops or accidental occurrences. The thermal protective relay will stop the conveyor operation in time.

Firewood transporter to truck

We will be glad to know your opinion about the new product, answer questions and clarify suggestions. Join the discussion of the scraper conveyor belt in our Facebook group.

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