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New complex of pellet cooler from LLC Artmash


A delegation of Artmash LLC recently visited a chicken farm in Radomyshl, Zhytomyr Region, where new equipment for pellet cooling was delivered. For many years now, our team has been working with this client, supplying him with high-quality equipment. Confirmation of this is the granulation line, which has been distinguished by its efficiency and efficiency for several years.

A new development of the LLC Artmash enterprise - a pellet cooler (pellet) has high performance indicators (up to 1000 kg / h) and, unlike the previous model, takes up much less space. The total power of the engines, and 4 of them in the complex, is 5.5 kW.

The main advantages that were achieved during the creation of the cooler are:

  • corrosion resistance of the case due to stainless steel;
  • the presence of automatic sensors, which allows you to adjust the height of the pellet and its discharge to the unloading conveyor;
  • low noise level;
  • lack of dust during the entire cycle of work.

New pellet cooler complex from LLC Artmash

Such a complex can be controlled by one operator, which increases the efficiency of work in production.

Automated pellet cooler (pellet) from LLC Artmash

What does the pellet cooler and pellet from LLC Artmash consist of?

Components for this model:

1. Bucket conveyor.

2. A case that is equipped with:

  • a lock gate;
  • remote control;
  • automatic level sensors for granular raw materials;
  • viewing window.

3. Anti-dust snail.

4. The cooling column, which includes the discharge and suction fans, as well as the cyclone.

5. Unloading conveyor.

6. Vibrating table-sifter.

The pellet cooling process takes less than 10 minutes.

Pellet cooling steps

Pellets get enough hot and soft. In this state, they are easily deformed, if you fall asleep in a large bag, part may crumble. After the cooler, the pellets become solid and dense. Therefore, you can work without gloves, put in run big bags and containers, and not be afraid that crumbs from raw materials will form there. At the end of the multi-stage process, you get not only refrigerated, but also dust-free and ready-to-use products.

How it works, consider the following:

  • The bucket conveyor, which picks up the granule after the granulation process, feeds it into a special casing.

Pellet cooler body from LLC Artmash 

  • After that, the raw material passes through the anti-dust snail and enters directly into the cooling column.

Cooling column from LLC Artmash

  • With the help of a blower and a suction fan, an air stream passes through the granule, absorbs all moisture and lowers the temperature. The cyclone serves as a kind of filter to clean the air from dust.
  • At the end, the granule falls on a vibrating table, which completely sifts the resulting granular raw materials.

The vibrating table-sifter of a cooler of granules (pellet) from LLC Artmash

The whole process of cooling the pellets on a chicken farm was filmed by our operator, so you can clearly see it on our YouTube channel:

Why is it worth giving preference to our products?

For the enterprise LLC Artmash, the priority is the quality of the equipment manufactured. We value our reputation, and for more than 8 years we have been manufacturing equipment that meets international quality standards. An updated pellet cooler (pellet) is no exception. Parts and spare parts for this complex are made of alloy steel, in addition, we provide a guarantee for our products (12 months) and after-sales service.

The refrigeration complex with a complete closed cycle (from product collection to finished sifted granules) can be used in livestock and industry. Be sure to sell all equipment before testing and passes OTC control.

Once again evaluating the condition of our products after two years of daily operation, we can confidently say that our equipment is characterized by high performance, reliability and availability.

We welcome your comments and appreciation of our new complex. Also open to new offers.

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