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LLC Artmash at the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO-2018


From June 6 to June 9, 2018, the XXX International Agricultural Exhibition was held in Kiev. At a large-scale event there were more than 70 thousand visitors, 1248 participants from 15 countries of the world. LLC Artmash also did not pass by the largest agricultural event in Ukraine. At AGRO-2018, we equipped a company stand to demonstrate our own production in livestock and farming.

What is interesting about the International Agricultural Exhibition?

The event was attended by manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, the leadership of the agricultural sector of Ukraine, top managers of leading companies.

At AGRO-2018, there were many thematic expositions, for example:

  1. ExpoAgroTech. Equipment for the storage and processing of grain is presented.
  2. Agricultural transport and logistics. Participants presented equipment for transportation of goods, laboratory equipment, software.
  3. Modern farmer. Complete solutions for private landowners and farmers are demonstrated.
  4. Hi-Tech AGRO. It was possible to get acquainted with measuring devices for automation and control of production processes.
  5. ANIMAL’EX. Equipment for livestock breeding and keeping livestock is presented.

The event was full of forums and conferences that discussed the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine. Speakers shared practical experience. Among the exhibitors and visitors of the exhibition were representatives of Poland, Germany, France, Austria, China and other countries.

LLC Artmash at AGRO-2018

Our company is focused on development and takes into account new trends in the agricultural sector. Therefore, for the fourth time, we have been actively participating in the International Exhibition. At AGRO-2018, we presented equipment for granulation of compound feeds and fuel pellets - granulators manufactured by LLC Artmash.

Agro-2018 Exhibition

Representatives of Artmash LLC at AGRO-2018:

  • got the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technology for livestock and farming;
  • learned about modern technologies for automation of management processes in agriculture;
  • discussed with other participants methods of introducing economical and energy-saving technologies in the field of livestock and farming.

We apply the knowledge gained at AGRO-2018 in the production of granulators, grinders and other equipment.

We plan to continue to take part in specialized exhibitions.

What has changed at the Artmash plant in 2021. Over 30 positive steps and a few unfinished business
Consider the articles of the law that regulate our activities. How we comply with legal requirements and provide information to foreign-language buyers.
The Artmash product catalog has been replenished with a new product category - industrial weighing batchers. At the moment, we manufacture semi-automatic single-channel devices that optimally meet the needs of our customers. Industrial dispensers "Artmash" are primarily designed to facilitate the packaging of feed pellets and fuel pellets. They are now included in the complete set of pelletizing lines, regardless of the type of feedstock.
We talk about the uniqueness of the new rotor-hammer crusher developed by the designers of the Artmash plant
Recently, the catalog of the Artmash plant has been replenished with the third model of a granulator with a 7.5 kW motor. Previously, we only offered pellet and feed versions, now we also produce a universal one - for all types of raw materials.
The 37 kW sawdust granulator is the largest and most productive model from Artmash. We talk about technical nuances and protective systems.
Now the equipment of LLC Artmash can be bought on credit at 0% per month for up to 36 months. No bank visit and income statement required
Clients have repeatedly asked us about a small granulator capable of processing sawdust. Designers "Artmash" took into account your wishes and developed a granulator of sawdust for 7.5 kW
Artmash Plant presents new equipment - a complex for the preparation of compound feeds for all types of pets. It performs grinding, mixing and dosing operations. The product can be supplemented with a granulator and / or cooling column ...
New auger of exact loading with a hopper of 1.5 cubic meters. designed at the request of customers who do not have enough silos of standard volume. Changing the design of the hopper made it more capacious and productive, but at the same time the equipment did not lose the possibility of fine tuning.