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The smallest sawdust granulator [7.5 kW]


Clients repeatedly asked us about a small granulator capable of processing sawdust, but there were only options from 15 kW to 37 kW in the catalog.

Designers of "Artmash" took into account your wishes, our experience, other offers on the market and developed a granulator of sawdust for 7.5 kW.

The model works from a three-phase network (380 V), since it is impossible to provide good performance at 220 V.

The price of such equipment is much lower than industrial counterparts, so doubters and beginners will be able to study the features of the production process and other nuances without investing large amounts in the experiment.

Characteristics of the sawdust granulator 7.5 kW

Motor power



Engine speed



Granule size


6, 8













husk of seeds



cereal husk



sunflower waste















Features of the granulator of sawdust 7.5 kW

Among other models, this equipment is distinguished:

Reinforced hypoid gearbox with high torque. This improvement allows the motor of small power to cope with such complex raw materials as sawdust.
The ability to work with various types of raw materials. The model is designed for sawdust, but can be used for the manufacture of fuel pellets from other materials. Since products of this power can provide only their own needs, the user can experiment with the composition. For example, to clean sawdust add agricultural waste, straw, husks of various grains, etc.
Light weight. Since this is the smallest model of a pellet granulator, its weight does not exceed 140 kg. Delivery will be cheaper, and the parcel can be picked up by any machine from the office of the transport company.
Cost. Analogs of other brands with the same (real, not declared) performance cost users more.

For correct and long-term operation of the granulator, we recommend using it in conjunction with dosing equipment, for example, with our 35 l or 220 l mini-auger.

Sawdust granulator 7,5 kW with auger 35 l

Sawdust granulator 7,5 kW with auger 220 l

For bulk chips, customers also opt for a 0.6 cbm metering auger.

Sawdust granulator 7,5 kW with auger 0,6 l

After the presentation, the equipment underwent only one modification - the electrical part began to be assembled more compactly, so the control panel of the 7.5 kW sawdust granulator now looks the same as in the aft version. The rest of the solutions turned out to be successful and did not cause any complaints from users.

If you have ideas or suggestions for improving our equipment, be sure to write about it in the comments.

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Clients have repeatedly asked us about a small granulator capable of processing sawdust. Designers "Artmash" took into account your wishes and developed a granulator of sawdust for 7.5 kW
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