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CE certification: Artmash LLC enters the EU markets


On May 24, 2019, LLC Artmash was honored to receive a European Certificate of Quality (Certificate of Compliance).

Such certification means that the product meets the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the European Union and has a special CE mark.

Now the company LLC “Artmash” is allowed to supply its equipment to the markets of the EU countries without any technical barriers. We are guaranteed to be able to arrange all the documents you need.

The need to obtain a European certificate was caused by a great demand abroad for equipment manufactured by LLC Artmash.

Certification is issued for the following product groups:

  • Granulation Line MINI
  • Granulation Line MAXI
  • Granulation line COOLER
  • Granulation line CRUSHER
  • MIXER Granulation Line

The quality certificate emphasizes that the product falls under several directives, meaning that the equipment meets the requirements of the European Commission.

CE certificate Artmash LLC


  1. Directive 2006/42/EC (mechanical engineering). The equipment and all its components at the time of operation do not endanger the life of people, are safe for the environment even in cases of improper use.
  2. Directive 2014/30/EC (electromagnetic compatibility). Electrical equipment does not create electromagnetic interference that may interfere with the operability of radio, telecommunications or other electrical devices.
  3. Directive 2014/35/EC (low voltage equipment). The electrical equipment during use is aimed at improving consumer safety (this includes protection against electric shock, the effects of high temperatures, radiation and mechanical stress).

The CE mark indicates that the manufacturer has taken responsibility for compliance with all the requirements of the European Union applicable to its products in the field of health, human life safety and environmental protection.

What is CE certification?

The CE mark appeared back in 1985. The main purpose of this designation was to create specific requirements for the safety and quality of goods that were delivered to the EU markets. Today, CE certification is also applied to products from Asia, North and South America.

The abbreviation CE in French means “European conformity” - conformité européenne, namely a European certificate of quality. Certificates of Conformity issued by accredited bodies of SIA International Center for Quality Certification - ICQC (SIA International Quality Certification Center - ICQC) are recognized throughout the European Community.

To obtain the CE marking, we needed:

  • ensure that each unit of goods complies with the mandatory requirements of EU directives;
  • provide products with access to the EU market;
  • enable the product to move freely through the markets of countries that are members of the European Union.

The certificate indicates fair competition between manufacturers, because such a sign increases responsibility and the need to regularly comply with requirements. The certificate is valid for five years, after which it must be renewed.

Benefits of obtaining CE certification for Artmash customers

For LLC Artmash, CE certification is an important stage in the development of the enterprise and the products themselves. Thus, the potential buyer understands that the manufacturer does not stand still, but continues to develop and manufacture new equipment that meets the standards of the country of delivery.

In addition, Certificate of Compliance allows you to:

  1. Attract more retailers and dealers who prefer to sell only certified products. So our equipment will become more accessible for residents of Europe.
  2. Sell ​​products even in those EU countries where special, more stringent rules apply for the sale of only certified goods. Wherever you live, we will be able to officially supply you with the necessary goods.
  3. The buyer is more confident in the product with the CE mark, because such products do not harm health and life, they are tested and evaluated in accordance with industry standards. You will no longer have reason to doubt the quality.

For Artmash, the European certificate (Certificate of Compliance) is not only an opportunity to demonstrate advanced production and new products, but also a way to confirm and maintain your image of a bona fide manufacturer.

And how do you determine the quality mark of the purchased product? Leave your comments on our website.

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On May 24, 2019, LLC Artmash was honored to receive a European Certificate of Quality (Certificate of Compliance). Such certification means that