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Artmash feed mixer is the universal novelty of our enterprise


We listened to the requests of customers on YouTube and Facebook, so at the enterprise LLC Artmash, a feed screw feed mixer was designed. The combination of two products in one makes it possible to simultaneously mix and supply the right amount of raw material for subsequent granulation.

This in turn saves:

• time for accurate loading and mixing;

• money for the purchase of 2 pieces of equipment;

• the space that would be needed for the second installation.

A video was specially prepared for our customers and subscribers, in which we show the feed auger-feed mixer in action. You can be sure that your device will work in the same way, because all the equipment we manufacture is tested and checked by the Quality Control Department before painting and putting into operation.

What is the peculiarity of the feed-mixer screw "Artmash"

Our design engineer tried to develop a multifunctional device so that the operator’s work was convenient, consumables wear out less, and the raw materials did not lose useful substances during the granulation process.

Screw feed-zmіshuvach stern

Installation is convenient and practical:

  • takes up little space (650x400x41450 mm), so it is suitable for small farms or private farms;
  • does not cause transportation problems. You can pick it up at the office of the transport company, even on a small sedan;
  • provides a longer service life of the pellet consumables, as complete with a low-power auger it is guaranteed a gentle operation.

In addition, low noise and low power consumption are the clear advantages of the feed mixer auger.
Together with the auger-mixer, our granulators with an engine power of 4 kW, 7.5 kW and 11 kW are operated.

Feed auger - Artmash feed mixer - automated installation

It is worth noting the following:

  • the auger is made in such a way that the clearance between the screw and the walls is minimal. As a result, kneading is much more efficient, while not leaving excess raw materials during unloading. This increases the productivity of the granulator;

Feed auger - Artmash feed mixer - minimum clearance between the walls and the screw

  • design prevents overheating of the mixture. Therefore, you get granules with all the nutrients that were originally in the feed;
  • economical engine with a 0.55 kW motor gearbox with a gear ratio of 1 to 50. Work occurs without stopping, slipping of raw material feed is excluded;
  • thanks to the exact loading screw, the wear of the dies and rollers is reduced, overheating of the granulator motor is prevented;
  • an automated control system minimizes operator labor.

Feed screw - feed mixer (new Artmash)

The warranty for the feed auger-feed mixer is 12 months. In addition, we provide after-sales service: we manufacture and restore the necessary components and parts.

The team of Artmash LLC, as well as our customers, is satisfied with the modification of the installation and is not going to stop there, in order to continue to amaze with the latest products of our production.

And what is your opinion on the new equipment of the enterprise LLC Artmash? We will be glad to read your feedback and suggestions in the comments.

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