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Accurate loading auger + mixer is another innovation of the company Artmash LLC


Recently, we have already written about the novelty of our enterprise - auger-feed-mixer feed. This is a 2 in 1 mini model, which is already used by small farmers and private farms.

In order not to rest on our laurels, we decided to please the agricultural enterprises by constructing a precision loading auger + mixer.

A universal model with a capacity of up to 3000 kg / h in 5-6 minutes, mixes all the ingredients qualitatively and begins to feed the right amount of raw material into the granulator.

The precise loading auger with mixing function will help:

  • reduce equipment costs. Choosing a 2-in-1 model, you save about 43% of the budget that you would spend on individual machines;
  • save on shipping, because it is easier to transport one design and cheaper than 2 pieces of equipment (precision loading auger and mixer);
  • save space for staff to work, because the model is only 20 cm longer than a standard screw;
  • automate the work of the operator. Now you do not need to move the mixture from the mixer hopper to the feed auger, just switch the mode.

Accurate loading screw + mixer LLC

You can see the exact loading auger + mixer in operation right now by watching the video review that we have specially prepared for you.

Features of the universal auger of exact loading + mixer from LLC Artmash

We have already tested the equipment, passed the QC inspection and took up our duties at the client’s enterprise. The technique works perfectly, without failures. The required voltage to start the installation is 380 V.

Engine with 0.55 kW gear motor

According to the configuration of the model, we highlight the following points:

  1. The mixer is equipped with a worm gear motor with an engine power of 2.2 kW. In order to increase the torque and lower the revolutions, our design engineer connected the worm gear motor through an additional chain transmission.
  2. The feed auger is powered by an engine with a 0.55 kW gear motor with a gear ratio of 1/50. The engine has additional air cooling to avoid overheating at low revs.
  3. Installed automation with a special time relay. The essence of his work is to enable the operator to adjust the period for auger revolutions in the left and in the right direction. After experimenting, we found that 40 seconds are enough to scroll the screw to the right, after that the reverse is automatically turned on and 40 seconds the motor rotates the screw in the left direction.

Mixer control cabinet

To adjust the dosage of the supplied mixture to the auger under the mixer hopper, we made a convenient handle (gate). For example, to fill the feed, the siberian can be opened halfway, as it has a greater flowability, and for such raw materials as sawdust, straw, etc. the gate must be opened completely.


The feed screw + mixer retained the traditional features of our equipment:

  • a special design does not allow the raw materials to heat during mixing, and this preserves the nutrients of all ingredients;
  • the productivity of the equipment is sufficient to work in tandem with our most powerful 22 kW granulator;
  • with the help of an auger of the exact feed, the wear of the matrix and rollers on the granulator is prevented, and the load on the engine and the risk of its overheating are reduced;
  • you can move this design around the workshop yourself, without attracting additional help, thanks to the presence of wheels.

The LLC Artmash enterprise provides a guarantee for this installation of 12 months. There is also a post-warranty service. We produce as quickly as possible the necessary parts for the order.

In your opinion, will this equipment be useful to large agricultural enterprises? We look forward to your feedback and comments.

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