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Accurate loading auger with enlarged hopper — another new product from Artmash


Another replenishment in the product catalog is an exact loading auger with a hopper of 1.3 m3. For some of our customers, the standard model with a capacity of 0.6 m3 was not enough, so the bins of both the mixer and the screw increased for such production lines. But if it was enough to raise the height of the sides in the mixer, then the auger changed dramatically.

Differences in feed screw at 1.3 m3

Some customers may recall our old, discontinued feed screw model with a funnel-shaped hopper, which was carried out in green. The novelty combined the features of all its predecessors and acquired an original recognizable form.

1.3 cubic meter augerThanks to this design of the bunker, users can not be afraid that somewhere in the corner there will be a bunch of raw materials and they will have to move it to the agitator manually. The shape of the funnel ensures that each baby will tend to the center.

In the center inside the hopper there is a metal cone hiding the axis of rotation of the agitator. Moving in a circle, it ensures that the raw material enters the screw of the vertical conveyor, which feeds the raw material to the granulator.

Metered feed screw hopper

Thanks to the efforts of the designers, we have obtained a screw with a capacity of up to 5,000 kg/h, equipped with fine adjustment of the feed. If you wish, you can either fill the raw material with a thin stream for the manufacture of granules with a diameter of 2.5 mm, or provide a dense stream for the production of large pellets with a diameter of 8 mm.

Traditional virtues

We never refuse successful solutions and do not lower quality requirements. Therefore, a 1.3 m3 auger is equipped with:

  • intuitive automation to control;
  • ammeter for visual control of the load on the motor;
  • motor protection against overheating;
  • neodymium magnet for the selection of metal fragments from raw materials. Abrasive particles can be completely invisible, but by the end of their shift so much is collected that the magnet-tablet turns into a metal hedgehog.

What do you think, the 1.3 m3 precision loading auger will take root in high-performance granulation lines? Or, perhaps, you have wishes for the further expansion of our assortment?

We will be glad to know your opinion in our group on Facebook.

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