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Weighing batcher for industrial granulation lines "Artmash"


The Artmash product catalog has been replenished with a new product category - industrial weighing batchers.

At the moment, we manufacture semi-automatic single-channel devices that optimally meet the needs of our customers.

Industrial dispensers "Artmash" are primarily designed to facilitate the packaging of feed pellets and fuel pellets.

They are now part of the complete set of pellet lines and feed pellet plants.

In addition, the weigher will be useful for filling containers with precise portions of other products:

  • grains (wheat, corn, rye, grain mixtures);
  • cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal);
  • other bulk food products (coffee, frozen and dried berries, soda);
  • medicines (activated carbon);
  • dry fertilizers (mineral and organic);
  • plastic granules (semi-finished plastic processing);
  • washing powder.

When another material has similar flowability and bulk density, our dispenser will also work. If you need to dose raw materials that are not included in the list, Artmash specialists can test equipment on your product and make a video report. This way you can make sure it is working correctly and clarify the optimal settings.

The advantages of weighing batchers

When dosing bulk products, both the volume of the raw material and its weight can be taken into account. We decided to launch the production of weighing batchers, since they are more suitable for optimizing the packaging of granules.

Batcher in the Artmash granulation line

In addition, weighing machines have other advantages:

High weighing accuracy, which does not depend on the bulk density of the product.
The ability to quickly reconfigure the packaging. For example, on the line during the day they made wooden pellets for cat trays in packages of 1 kg, and then in a minute they switched to loading fuel pellets into packages of 10 kg. Moreover, one package can contain from 200 g to 50 kg.
Low power consumption. Our weighing model uses only 100 V, while the volumetric ones require 400 V or more. We know that due to maximum consumption restrictions, it is not uncommon for customers to sacrifice pellet mill capacity or part equipment. Therefore, we produce dispensers that do not require a lot of energy.
Simple optimization depending on the bulk density of the raw material. To make the feed faster or slower, it is enough to twist the gate screw handle, even during operation.

It is also possible to fully automate weighing batchers, but at the moment, semi-automatic ones are more popular among our customers. The operator has to replace the container after each filling, but the equipment is cheaper and more reliable.

Complete set of industrial batcher

The weighing batcher can be provided either separately or together with a loading conveyor for filling its hopper. As part of a pelletizing line, the dosing device is usually continuously filled with a bucket elevator (closed type vertical bucket conveyor) or an inclined open bucket conveyor.

For those planning to fill the dispenser hopper from a large tank or using a vacuum cleaner, as well as for owners of their own loaders, it is possible to buy a separate dispenser and, if necessary, make modifications for optimal compatibility with existing equipment. For example, to fill with grain through a vacuum cleaner, we can make an airtight lid on the hopper with a branch pipe for your hose.

Dispenser set Artmash

In the basic configuration, the industrial batcher consists of:

  1. Hopper on a support with a funnel-shaped bottom. Thanks to its shape, the granules fall down under the influence of gravity, so no agitator is needed in the design. The tank is equipped with a slide valve with smooth opening control.
  2. Vibrating tray. In working condition, the unit constantly moves from side to side, pushing the pellets down into the receiving tray. To prevent raw materials from scattering, the receiving tray is made in the form of a funnel.
  3. Rings with quick release clips for the bag. Keeps the bag open while filling. Thanks to the selected clamps, the container is removed and installed in 4-5 seconds.
  4. Support platform for containers with strain gauges. Sensors monitor the load on the support and transmit data to the automation. When using identical bags, you need to zero their weight only once. The platform height is adjustable.
  5. Control panel with automation. The operator sets the weight of the product in one package, and the automation stops the dispenser after reaching the specified weight. The console is mounted on a swivel support for operator convenience. Automation remembers the settings and restores them after a power outage.

The Artmash equipment is regularly improved. If there are complaints and demands from customers to improve the design, the basic equipment may change.

Possible modifications

Modifications of dispensers Artmash

At the request of customers, we often slightly change the basic equipment models. In this case, you can correct:

  • hopper size. We offer models with a reservoir of 0.6 m3 and 1.5 m3. If this is not enough, we can increase the height of the hopper until the specified volume is reached. If necessary, we can also reduce the height of the sides, if continuous operation of the dispenser is assumed as part of the line;
  • stationarity. We can install equipment on supports or add wheels to move around the workshop. In the second case, we add a stopper to prevent the device from moving during operation;
  • type of fastening for containers. In the basic version, we install quick-release latches for the bag. But if you pack in a different container, we can remove them or replace them with another type of fastening.

Modifications are made only if they do not impair equipment performance. We always try to make changes that satisfy the customer's needs while maintaining the convenience, reliability and performance of our products.

See how the dispenser for granules and other bulk solids works in our video report. Filmed using the example of 6 mm feed pellets with a dosage of 5 and 10 kg.

Adjusting the weigher

Practice has shown that sometimes it is difficult for customers to figure out how to set up a weighing batcher for their product. Therefore, we shot a detailed video and demonstrated:

  • how to set the gross weight of one serving;
  • how to set the exact weight of one serving;
  • how to level the weight of the platform for the bag;
  • how to level the tare weight (bag, package, box);
  • how to adjust the pouring speed (separately for coarse and fine weight);
  • how to adjust the performance of the batcher;
  • how to resume work after a power surge;
  • how to clear an overflowing memory.

If you want to know something else about industrial dispensers "Artmash" - call our managers. If you want to express your opinion about new products - write to us here or in the Facebook group.

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The Artmash product catalog has been replenished with a new product category - industrial weighing batchers. At the moment, we manufacture semi-automatic single-channel devices that optimally meet the needs of our customers. Industrial dispensers "Artmash" are primarily designed to facilitate the packaging of feed pellets and fuel pellets. They are now included in the complete set of pelletizing lines, regardless of the type of feedstock.
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