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High-speed machining machine with CNC series V (AKIRA-SEIKI) is already at the production of LLC Artmash


Just a week ago, we purchased a new CNC milling machine (Akira Mi 745, V series) from Akira-Seiki. The reliability of the products of this brand has been tested by time and enterprises around the world (including the USA and Europe).

We were attracted to:

• long-term experience of the company (over 30 years) in the production of metalworking machines;

• The most optimized work processes;

• quality control of all key components of the machine on a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine.

The company itself is located on the west coast of the United States. Thanks to the creation of a research center under the leadership of the best team of scientists and engineers, the development of high-speed turning and milling CNC machining centers is underway. Akira-Seiki registers patents and obtains certificates in Germany, Taiwan, USA, Japan - in the largest sales markets.

CNC milling machine (Akira Mi 745, V series) from Akira-Seiki

For the production of LLC Artmash, the main value of the Akira-Seiki CNC milling machine is to increase the profitability of the enterprise and the competitiveness of its products.

What is CNC

Our company has its own production base and it is impossible to do without automation of the technological process. When manufacturing parts for granulators, wood splitters, grain crushers, we focus on their phased processing. This includes: turning, milling, grinding, polishing and heat treatment. In this case, for turning and milling operations, we bought an additional Akira-Seiki CNC machine.

CNC (numerical control) is the automatic control of a machine using a computer and a special processing program. It is possible to control the milling machine without CNC only manually, which leads to irrational use of time and the risk of obtaining a certain number of defective parts.

Especially for you, we photographed what happened in the chamber of the machine on the first working day.

The main advantages of modern CNC equipment for the company LLC Artmash:

  1. Automation of production. We are doing everything to minimize the influence of the human factor and make more rational use of manual labor. On this machine, the operator is involved only in preparatory and final operations.
  2. The ability to quickly change equipment. It is possible to process metal parts of varying complexity only by changing the program on the computer. As a result, value and production returns increase significantly.
  3. Wide range of technical options. For example, a CNC machine can process thousands of identical parts that repeat each other to the nearest micron.

Also here should include quick staff training. After all, mastering programming skills is easier than mastering the art of controlling a non-computerized turning or milling machine.

Advantages of Akira-Seiki CNC Machines

Important components of Akira machines are provided by leading world manufacturers: TNK, HIWIN, SKF, Mitsubishi, Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, which are certified according to ISO 10791 standards.

In collaboration with the Japanese company Mitsubishi, Akira-Seiki has released its CNC system - AKIRA Mi, which is designed to perform complex metalworking operations.

CNC Milling Machine (V2.5 Series) by Akira-Seiki

The high-speed CNC machining centers of the PERFORMA V series (AKIRA-SEIKI) are characterized by:

1. The best linear guides of the NR-type along the X and Y axes for machines of this class, which are produced by the Japanese company TNK. In combination with a double-nut ball screw pair, they provide excellent dynamic accuracy and rigidity under load.

Unlike traditional models, which have a ball and a linear guide contact at an angle of 45 degrees, this series has a contact angle of 90 degrees. This increases the rigidity under load by 200% and provides a "margin of safety" under heavy duty conditions.

2. High quality cast iron MEEHANITE beds that provide long-term rigidity and precision.

The use of the Golden Section principle in the frame construction in combination with reliable guides provide excellent rigidity during sharp accelerations and braking. And the large box-type guides on the column provide the necessary rigidity for heavy cutting and smoothness during finishing.

Important features also include an accurate and quick tool change system. Tool changer with roller gear provides quick and smooth tool change operations. The absence of play ensures a long service life.

Availability of CNC machines - what is the benefit for our customers

The purchase of CNC milling machines for metal is beneficial not only for the company LLC Artmash, but also for customers.

This is manifested in the following:

  1. Short lead times. The high speed of work allows as a result to make equipment to order much faster on time.
  2. Precision and high processing performance. This feature allows you to produce high-precision products and at the same time reduce the risk of marriage and waste. And this increases the quality of the products we sell. Despite the reduction in terms, you will receive high-quality products.

The introduction of such Akira-Seiki CNC equipment expands our capabilities in agricultural machinery manufacturing. Therefore, in the near future we will be able to replenish the price with new products.

To appreciate the diversity of our equipment (wood choppers, choppers, feed and pellet pelletizing lines), we invite you to the catalog of Artmash LLC products. Here you will find only high-quality and reliable plants that can be upgraded in production according to your requirements. Contact. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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