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Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language"


The Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language" has made adjustments to the work of many enterprises in our country. As a law-abiding company, we adhere to the established rules, but at the same time we try to ensure the comfort of our consumers.

Consider the articles of the law that regulate our activities. Immediately, we note that our equipment is used in 20 countries of the world, not all of our clients live in Ukraine and have the appropriate citizenship. To service and inform such customers, it is necessary to use the languages ​​of international communication and the languages ​​of other countries. Therefore, we write texts and shoot videos for Russian and English-speaking audiences, as well as translate information into Polish, Romanian and Latvian.

Article 27. State language in the field of user interfaces of computer programs and websites

Clause 6 states: “Internet representations (including websites, web pages on social networks) of state authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of state and communal forms of ownership, mass media registered in Ukraine , as well as business entities that sell goods and services in Ukraine and are registered in Ukraine, are performed in the state language. Along with the version of Internet representations (including websites, web pages on social networks), made in the state language, there may be versions in other languages. The version of the Internet representation in the state language must have no less volume and content of information than the foreign language versions, and be loaded by default for users in Ukraine. "

The site artmash.ua is now our main representative office on the Internet. Its main version is in Ukrainian, as required by law. The law also allows information to be displayed in other languages, so we also have Russian, Polish, Romanian, Latvian and English versions. All information in these versions is identical, except for the contacts of representatives in different countries. If you work over a VPN or otherwise hide your localization, the search engine may accidentally direct you to a different language version, especially if your search term is written the same in multiple languages.

In addition, we maintain pages on social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest (you can find links at the top and bottom of the page). All posts and descriptions began to be posted in Ukrainian long before the language law came into force. Where possible, automatic translation of posts into the user's language is enabled. Therefore, if you see our post on the social network in Russian, we recommend that you first of all check your account settings.

We also place goods on sites for the sale of goods and advertisements: OLH, Prom, Flagma, Allbiz, specialized resources for farmers. On all sites where the administration gave the opportunity to display ads in several languages, we took this opportunity. For example, last year on Allbiz our products were presented in 25 languages, including Ukrainian.

YouTube by its purpose is a video hosting service for storing videos and making it possible to display them on third-party sites. Thanks to YouTube, visitors to our site can see a video with an overview of each model of equipment. Since we are making videos for different versions of the site, the channel cannot be in the same language. There are videos in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Latvian and Romanian. For those who wish to receive information in one language, the channel provides playlists. The title and description of the video always correspond to its soundtrack.

All information from YouTube is also duplicated for several more international video hosting sites for more efficient saving of videos and descriptions.

Note that we do not have computer programs and applications for smartphones, so other requirements of this article do not apply to us.

Article 28. State language in the field of information for general familiarization

  1. “Information for general familiarization (announcements, in particular those that contain a public offer to conclude an agreement, signs, signs, messages, inscriptions and other publicly posted text, visual and sound information that is used or can be used to inform an unlimited number of people about goods, work, services, certain subjects, officials, officials of enterprises or state authorities, local authorities) is filed in the state language, unless otherwise provided by this Law.
  2. Information for general information may be duplicated in other languages ​​in accordance with the law.
  3. The requirements of this article do not apply to information that is posted using the Internet, except for the cases determined by this Law."

Since we do not display our advertisements on billboards, radio and television, only a Ukrainian-language sign before entering the territory of the plant can be considered our out-of-network information for general information.

Article 30. State language in the field of consumer services

  1. “The language of customer service in Ukraine is the state language.
  2. Enterprises, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, individual entrepreneurs, other business entities serving consumers (except for the cases established by part three of this article) provide services and provide information about goods (services), including through online stores and Internet catalogs in the state language. Information in the state language may be duplicated in other languages.
    At the request of the client, his personal service can also be carried out in another language acceptable to the parties.
  3. An e-commerce entity registered in Ukraine, during its activity and in the case of distribution of a commercial electronic message, is obliged to provide all information specified by the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce", including regarding the subject of an electronic contract, in the state language.
  4. Information about goods and services on the territory of Ukraine is provided in the state language, taking into account the specifics specified in Article 33 of this Law."

Our managers always serve the customer in a language that is convenient for him. The first written or oral appeal of a client to us gives us the opportunity to evaluate the preferred language of communication. If a person asked a question in Russian or English during a call or by writing to us in social networks, instant messengers, by mail or in any other accessible way, we answer him in the same language. If we were not able to get information about the preferences of the interlocutor, we use Ukrainian by default.

When a client searches our site using a search engine, it suggests the language version of the site that matches the language of the search query. The language selected by the user to search for the site is considered the desired service language.

The preferred language for receiving text materials, except for documents, the Ukrainian version of which is required by law, is agreed with the client.

"7. Information about the products (goods), works or services specified in part six of this article is brought to the attention of the consumer in the manner, manner and to the extent determined by the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

In information about products (goods), works or services provided in the state language, it is allowed to use words, abbreviations, abbreviations and designations in English and / or using letters of the Latin and / or Greek alphabets."

According to paragraph 7 of Article 30, we do not violate the law when on the site on other pages we use the English version of the plant name (Artmash), trademarks of supplier companies (ZKL, ZVL, Hardox, John Deere), as well as indicate links to other sites.


Article 32. State language in the field of advertising


"1. The language of advertising in Ukraine is the state language."

We inform you that Artmash LLC fully complies with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as a state language." Advertising, which is available for viewing on the territory of Ukraine, is completely Ukrainian-language, as required by the current legislation.

Any other advertisement (in foreign languages) is available for viewing only for users who are outside the territory of Ukraine, or if the consumer has voluntarily chosen another language. Accordingly, such advertising cannot be considered a violation of language legislation in the meaning of paragraph 1. of Art. 2 of the Law of Ukraine "On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language".


We do not use advertisements on television and radio, therefore the restrictions on such advertisements in this article do not apply to us.


Due to the entry into force of the language law, changes were made to other regulations, in particular to the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Commerce" (Vedomosti of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, 2015, No. 45, art. 410):

"5. The procedure for using the state and other languages ​​in e-commerce is determined by the Law of Ukraine" On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state ";

c) Article 11 shall be supplemented with part fourteen as follows:

"14. The proposal to conclude an electronic contract (offer), the text of the electronic contract, electronic messages are drawn up in the state language. At the request of the buyer, the electronic contract can be concluded in another language by agreement of the parties."

As already mentioned above, by prior agreement with the client, we are ready to provide him with documents in any language he understands.



But we take into account that not all citizens and residents of Ukraine are fluent in Ukrainian yet or give preference to it as the main language of communication. It is not our mission to change this situation. Our task is to provide customers with quality equipment and provide them with the opportunity to comfortably operate it. If for this purpose it is necessary to inform buyers not only in Ukrainian, but also in Russian, English or another language, we will make every effort to clearly convey the necessary information to them.

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Consider the articles of the law that regulate our activities. How we comply with legal requirements and provide information to foreign-language buyers.
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We talk about the uniqueness of the new rotor-hammer crusher developed by the designers of the Artmash plant
Recently, the catalog of the Artmash plant has been replenished with the third model of a granulator with a 7.5 kW motor. Previously, we only offered pellet and feed versions, now we also produce a universal one - for all types of raw materials.
The 37 kW sawdust granulator is the largest and most productive model from Artmash. We talk about technical nuances and protective systems.
Now the equipment of LLC Artmash can be bought on credit at 0% per month for up to 36 months. No bank visit and income statement required
Clients have repeatedly asked us about a small granulator capable of processing sawdust. Designers "Artmash" took into account your wishes and developed a granulator of sawdust for 7.5 kW
Artmash Plant presents new equipment - a complex for the preparation of compound feeds for all types of pets. It performs grinding, mixing and dosing operations. The product can be supplemented with a granulator and / or cooling column ...
New auger of exact loading with a hopper of 1.5 cubic meters. designed at the request of customers who do not have enough silos of standard volume. Changing the design of the hopper made it more capacious and productive, but at the same time the equipment did not lose the possibility of fine tuning.