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Automated feed pelleting line

Automated feed pelleting line - capacity 500-800 kg / hour. Balanced and nutritious granulated feed for farm animals.

Line capacity: 500-800 kg/hour

Price: Check with the manager

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1. We test the equipment for defects

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing

3. Verification of equipment compliance with international standards


1. Delivery throughout Ukraine

2. Delivery time - within 3 days

3. Types of delivery: passing cargo, pickup

4. Services of transport companies

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Automated feed pelleting line

An automated feed granulation line is a ready-made system of equipment for granulating any feed composition. At the enterprise LLC Artmash, you can purchase this equipment at the factory price. The productivity of this line is from 500 to 800 kg/h, depending on engine power and feed composition.

Automated feed pelletizing line - what equipment does it consist of?

The line includes:

Installation     Characteristic
Crusher      The body is made of wear-resistant Swedish steel, which makes it possible to grind large volumes of grain crops. On the grinder are neodymium magnets for collecting metal debris and a stone trap.
Storage hopper     Equipped with automation and a sensor stand, discharge and suction bags that filter dust. Automation allows you to type the necessary components for mixing (has 6 programs of 9 components). When the desired weight is reached, the crusher automatically turns off and a warning sensor is triggered.
Mixer     A horizontal mixer with a hopper volume of 0.6 m3 allows you to perfectly mix the ingredients in a short time (up to 6 minutes). In the case of using expensive premixes, you can not worry about a bad batch. 
Metered feed screw     Comes with a frequency converter and gear motors.
Granulator     Engine power 22 kW. It is equipped with a built-in control cabinet and an ammeter, which shows the load.

Equipped with: 

  • conveyor for collecting granules;
  • automatic cooling system for filtering and sieving granules;
  • vibrating table, on which the granules are cleaned of dust and fall into fixed bags or other containers.

You can find out even more information about the technical characteristics of each installation on the website of the enterprise LLC Artmash or get advice from our managers by phone.

Why buy an automated feed pelletizing line?

Buying this line you get the opportunity to independently produce granular feed for a balanced diet of animals.


  • Granules of the feed during mixing and pressing retain a complete set of vitamins and nutrients.
  • You increase the efficiency of fattening compared to a normal diet.

An automated line can be controlled by one operator, which minimizes staff labor.

In order to provide rabbits, pigs, birds, fish with proper nutrition and reduce the cost of feed consumption, it is worth buying an automated feed pelletizing line at the LLC Artmash enterprise. Warranty 12 months, we also provide after-sales service.

We deliver products domestically and abroad. Call and order this line at the cost of the manufacturer.

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