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Feed mixer 3 cubic meters

The largest feed mixer Artmash with a hopper of 3 cubic meters is recommended for factories for the production of loose and granulated feed.
Mixes> 90% homogeneity with 1% premix. Equipped with an automatic opening slide.

Mixer mixer 3 cubic meters ✔ ex factory with worldwide delivery photo

Model: ZK-3

Motor capacity: 11 kW

Hopper capacity: 3 m3

Yield capacity:  3,5 -  8 t/h

Weight: 2300 kg

Dimensions: 3523*1600*4600 mm

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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Feed mixer 3 cubic meters

Mixer 3 m3 is designed for mixing up to 2 tons of feed of various recipes in one batch. The equipment can be purchased as part of a bulk feed plant (complete with a grinder) or separately. The mixer is also suitable for pelletizing lines for a variety of raw materials in the production of feed pellets and agricultural pellets.

Features of the 3 cubic meter feed mixer

This model is part of a range of horizontal mixer wagons with two counter-mixing elements. She retains the advantages inherent in other representatives of this series:

  Spur gearbox with a gear ratio of 1 to 100

Together with an 11 kW motor, it generates a large torque, thanks to which the mixer efficiently handles any raw material and does not create a significant sound load.

  Automatic reverse,
  which changes the direction of rotation of the auger for better mixing of the feed.
  Electronic gate
  as in previous models, unloading is carried out at the end of the bunker. Thanks to this, when working in line, the mixture is poured directly into the feed screw. The gate was equipped with an electric drive and a separate button was brought to the control panel.
  The minimum distance between the turns of the mixer and the walls of the hopper
  The unloading takes place efficiently and there is no feed left in the container from the previous batch.

There are several configuration options available for the 3 m3 mixer. To the basic tank with agitators and electronic gate you can add:

Aspiration system for dust removal

We close the hopper with a lid with a sealing tape, connect a cyclone and 3 felt bags to filter dust.


Automatic weighing system

We will install strain gauges and connect automation to it, which remembers up to 9 recipes for 6 components. The system will control the filling of the hopper for each ingredient.


Oil injection system

Add spray nozzles to the hopper and install the oil tank. The launch will be carried out from the control panel.

If you need to discuss the modification of a 3 m3 mixer (for example, reduce the height), buy additional equipment for the old model, clarify the price or discuss delivery in the country and abroad, please contact our managers.

Examples of modifications and configurations
Mixer mixer 3 cubic meters ✔ ex factory with worldwide delivery
Mixer in minimum configuration
Without cover, without scales, without automation, without dust extraction system, without oil injection system
Order modification
Mixer mixer 3 cubic meters ✔ ex factory with worldwide delivery
Mixer in the maximum configuration
Equipment: oil injection system, aspiration with one bag, gate with automatic unloading, automation, scales
Order modification
Mixer mixer 3 cubic meters ✔ ex factory with worldwide delivery
Mixer with suction system
Complete set: aspiration, motorized gate; without automation, scales, oil injection. Modifications: green, inclined elevator
Order modification
Mixer mixer 3 cubic meters ✔ ex factory with worldwide delivery
Mixer with oil injection without aspiration
Order modification
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