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Multi-purpose rack and pinion log splitter

Reliable and high-quality combined wood splitter for two engines. Gasoline and electric motor. Productivity - up to 30 m³ of wood per shift.

Buy cheap combined wood splitter for two engines Artmash photo

Models: DKPR-220-7, DKPR-380-7

Voltage: 220/380V

Max. diameter of the log to be chopped: 500 mm

Max. length of the log to be chopped: 600 mm

(customized up to 800 mm)

Force created: 12 t

Dimensions:  2200*1200*1200 mm

Weight: 280 kg

Motor capacity:

  • gas-powered 7 hp,
  • Weima 220 V, 2.2 kW or
  • Weima 380 В, 2.2 kW

✅ ECM Certificate

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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Multi-purpose rack and pinion log splitter

A combined wood splitter with two engines is an industrial machine with two engines that can operate both on gasoline and on the mains. Such a wood splitter can split a large volume of logs of any breed, including knotty oak, in a short time.

For more than 8 years, the LLC Artmash enterprise has been manufacturing and supplying reliable high-quality rack log splitters (electromechanical, gasoline and combined) to the markets of Ukraine and abroad. This is evidenced by the reviews and the number of satisfied customers.

Features of a combined wood splitter

The universal model is equipped with two engines:

  1. Asynchronous electric (you can buy an option that works on 220 V or 380 V).
  2. Gasoline Weima - a four-stroke 7-liter modern internal combustion engine.

The advantages of an electric motor:


it can be used around the clock, at a voltage of 220 V it consumes about 1-1.5 kW of electricity per hour;

»  almost silent work;
» the presence of protection on the engine: belt centrifugal clutch and thermal relay. 

In case of knot hit or inability to split the log the first time, the clutch is triggered. Thanks to it, the operator can return the handle to its original position and re-strike the wood.

Weima gasoline internal combustion engine works without overloads, as it does not provide impact force, but only spins the flywheels.

The advantages of a gasoline engine:

» the ability to work away from the mains; 
»  additional equipment with a centrifugal coupling, due to which the motor shaft does not wedge, does not stop;
»  fuel consumption in the summer - 250 g of pure 92 gasoline (without adding oil), in winter - about 300 g of fuel.

This low consumption is explained by the fact that the kinetic energy of the flywheels is used for splitting. As a result, after the motor spins the flywheels, the received energy is directed to the impact mechanism, which, in turn, transmits it to the wood.

A gasoline engine is more powerful than an electric one, which is why it is often chosen by customers who work with wood chips or other complex gnarled firewood. But you should not raise the engine speed above half of the scale, because work in this mode requires much more attention from the operator and can create a danger for the environment.

How to work on a combined splitter

Before using the equipment, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its passport, as well as the recommendations of the manufacturers of electric and gasoline motors (we provide them with the documents). The acquired knowledge is sufficient for the correct operation of the wood chipper.

Basic algorithm:

1   Install the wood chipper on the site in a position convenient for the operator and provide power.  
2   Place a log on the work table of horizontal loading (the knife should fit between the wood fibers, just like an ax).
The standard length of the log is 600 mm in length and up to 500 mm in diameter. According to individual requests, the company manufactures machines for cutting logs up to 800 mm long.
3   Stand next to the flywheels and use the lever to activate the pusher. It is desirable to release the handle immediately, it returns to the main position by itself.
The split log is subjected to a pressure of 12 tons. In case of getting a knot or it is impossible to split the log the first time, the clutch is activated. Thanks to it, you can return the handle to its original position and make a second strike on the wood.
4   Place the received log halves or a large fragment in the impact zone and press the lever again. Repeat until the wood is split to the desired size.
5   Clean the desktop as needed. Small chips should not interfere with the free movement of the rail.

On average, one operator can chop up to 30 m³ of wood per eight-hour working day.

The wood splitter is guaranteed for 24 months, we also offer after-sales service. You can buy a combined splitter at the price of the manufacturer. Also at the LLC Artmash enterprise there is an opportunity to get the necessary details from a warehouse or to order.

You can find out detailed information about the combined wood splitter, cost and how to order goods with delivery by calling our managers on the phone.

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Виктор Иванов
Павел Романович!!! Молодцы!!! Дровокол работает 3-тий год!!!!! Привет из Беларуси!!!!
Олег Козицкий
Дровоколы этой конструкции одни из лучших. У меня такой. Рекомендую.
Виктор Прядка
Апарат очень хороший
Діма Романюк
Дровокол супер!!! Я собі придбав. Я задоволений. РЕКОМЕНДУЮ!!!
Ярослав Мойса
Супер апарат рубаю 6 років
Вадим Підкопайло
Маю такого коня, задоволений працює як трактор.Дякую?
Serg Tkachenko
Отличное оборудование, взяли летом 2021 дровокол, сезон нареканий никаких абсолютно. Забирали с завода сами, все рассказали, показали. Всё чётко, 5 из 5
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