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Log splitter 220 V

Electromechanical rack splitter with an engine power of 2.2 kW, 220 V for mass harvesting of wood of any breed. Productivity is 15-30 m³.

Buy a log splitter 2.2 kW (220 V) at manufacturer's cost photo

Model: DKPR-220

Voltage: 220 V

Max. diameter of the log to be chopped: 500 mm

Max. length of the log to be chopped: 600 mm

(customized up to 800 mm)

Force created: 12 pulling force

Dimensions: L2200*W1200*H1200 mm

Weight:  225 kg

Motor capacity: 2.2 kW

✅ ECM Certificate

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

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Log splitter 220 V

An electromechanical rack splitter with an engine power of 2.2 kW is used in industry for mass harvesting of wood of any breed. The LLC Artmash enterprise has been a manufacturer of this equipment for more than 8 years, supplying products to the Ukrainian market and abroad. Quality guarantee 24 months, we also provide after-sales service.

Features of a wood splitter 2.2 kW, 220 V

Wood splitter weight - 225 kg. The maximum recommended length of logs is 60 cm.According to individual requests, we produce equipment designed to work with logs up to 80 cm long.

The advantages of this electric wood splitter over analogues:

Double degree of protection:

  • centrifugal clutch (protects the engine and the main parts subject to maximum loads);
  • a starter with a thermal relay (prevents cases of motor overheating).

The main units are made of alloy steel and are surface hardened (heat treated) in our own factory.

When heating firewood of medium difficulty, the wood splitter consumes about 1-1.5 kW of electricity per hour at a load of 220 V.
Productivity is 15-30 m³ (for one operator) per shift with an 8-hour working day. The equipment is suitable for multi-shift operation. Optimum performance is achieved with two operators.
The 12 t log load is generated during the impact due to the inertia of the flywheels. To provide this pressure, a hydraulic log splitter must have a much more powerful motor and use more energy.

The equipment is checked by the technical control department at all stages of production and is tested twice when assembled (before painting and before shipment). Identify a factory defect - we will replace the part free of charge.

To clarify information about the technical characteristics of this firewood processor or about making a purchase, please contact our managers.

How does the splitter 220 V work?

The loudest sound this wood splitter makes is the crackle of splitting wood. You will not disturb the peace of others if you work after 10 pm.

To get started:

» Plug the wood splitter into a power outlet. Check that your extension cord is in good working order and that the mains voltage is not reduced.
» Press the" Start "button and check that the motor runs correctly and evenly.
» Place the log on the horizontal loading workbench. The log must be oriented so that the cleaver runs along the grain.
» Using the lever, activate the push rod. See the video for the recommended operator pose.
» The split wood can only be moved when the pusher returns (after 1.5 seconds).
» Repeat the blows until the size of the wood is satisfactory.

Order this model at the cost of the factory, without intermediary markups. You also have the opportunity to purchase a rack, a pinion shaft or other necessary part for equipment from a warehouse or on order at the Artmash LLC enterprise.

To buy a 2.2 kW (220 V) wood splitter at the factory price with delivery, please contact our managers by phone.

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Евгений Остриков
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Эрнес Балбеков
Хороший аппарат лет 8 работает.и по запчастям проблем нет.Довольны все.
Евгений Криворучко
Дровокол супер я советую
Олександр Гречковський
Данний товар того коштує.Користуюсь 9 років колимо приблизно в місяць 500-600 метрів дров.
Василь Підлісний
Супер , маю ваш дровокол , задоволений повністю
Wiesław Dubicki
Mam taki rebak do drzewa, Rabanie drwa na zime sprawia jedynie przyjemnosc. Rabie wszystko. Перевод: У меня есть такой дровокол. Рубить дрова на зиму одно удовольствие. Рубит все.
Тарас Осецький
В нас в селі на господарстві є такий дровокол. За цей сезон жнив зробив 10 вагонів лісу твердих порід . Я сам в шоці тому що коли перший раз побачив дровокол то сміявся так як тендітний вигляд не давав надії на працездатність. Після побаченого забрав свої слова назад.
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Дороговат не много. На фирму купили такой дровокол и реально довольны. Дуб Граб Ясен колет на ура
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