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Industrial log splitter 380 V

Rack electromechanical wood splitter with an engine power of 2.2 kW, 380 V, 1500 rpm for harvesting wood of any breed. Productivity - from 20 m³ per day and above.

Order a splitter for 2.2 kW (380 V) at manufacturer's cost photo

Model: DKPR-380

Voltage: 380 V

Max. diameter of the log to be chopped: 500 mm

Max. length of the log to be chopped: 600 mm

(customized up to 800mm)

Force created: 12 pulling force

Dimensions: L2200*W1200*H1200 mm

Weight:  225 kg

Motor capacity: 2.2 kW

✅ ECM Certificate

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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Industrial log splitter 380 V

An electromechanical rack-and-pinion wood splitter with an engine power of 2.2 kW is a proprietary development of Artmash LLC. Such a machine is indispensable when harvesting firewood on a large scale. Powered by a voltage of 380 V. The wood splitter can be used both in industry and private households.

Features of wood splitter 380 V

The rack-and-pinion wood splitting machine is characterized by increased reliability and efficiency. The cleaver is easy to operate and does not require significant physical effort from the operator.

The log splitter weighs 225 kg, but thanks to polyurethane wheels, it is easy to move around the job site.

In addition, the price of rack wood splitters in the Ukrainian market and abroad is lower than for hydraulic models.

Advantages of a rack and pinion machine compared to hydraulics:

  The model can process absolutely any wood up to 600 mm long and up to 500 mm in diameter. At the Artmash LLC enterprise, a structure for chopping firewood up to 800 mm long can be made to order.
  Rack wood splitter for 2.2 kW, 1500 rpm, with the help of a gearbox and flywheels (2 flywheels weigh 80 kg) produces a force on a log of about 12 tons.
  The main components (rack and pinion) are made of 18KhGT steel with subsequent heat treatment (surface hardening). All types of work: from drawing up equipment drawings to commissioning, are carried out at the Artmash LLC enterprise.
  The productivity of the model for harvesting wood per shift is 20 m³ and more for one operator. High splitting speed (1.5 seconds) is suitable for processing a large amount of firewood.

Unlike the hydraulic model, the electromechanical rack and pinion machine does not require expensive and complex repairs. If necessary, you can order the necessary parts for the rack wood splitter from the manufacturer from those available in the warehouse and arrange delivery to your region.

The principle of operation of the wood splitter 380 V

A rack-mounted electromechanical splitter separates the log along the wood fibers by striking, similar to cutting with an ax.
The impact force is provided by the carriage pusher, which uses the inertia of the untwisted flywheels. Moving, the pusher directs the log to a sharp knife and splits wood of any species in a second. If the log is not completely split, you can strike again.
The task of the motor in this design is to initially spin the flywheels, after which the engine is not subjected to stress. That is why the equipment works very quietly, and the impact force of the rack wood splitter does not depend on the power of its engine.
Before shipping to the customer, each machine is inspected for defects and tested on medium-difficulty wood. The design of the wood splitter provides for operation in several shifts, but it is necessary to make stops to lubricate the rail.
The client receives complete information about the maintenance of the wood splitter with a passport for the equipment.

The warranty for this machine is 24 months. Post-warranty service provided. You can buy a rack wood splitter with high performance and at the cost of the manufacturer by contacting the managers by phone.

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Віталій М
Действительно стоящий агрегат. (заявляю Вам как мастер,а иногда и как оператор этого дровокола).
Василий Полевой
Перед тем как приобрести дровокол я решил воочию увидеть данное чудо техники, мучали всё таки сомнения, так вот после посещения данного предприятия все сомнения мои исчезли, поясню почему, во первых предприятие как видно уже давно и достаточно серьёзно занимается металлообработкой, во вторых я приехал со своими поленьями больших диаметров и с сучками которые при мне были уверенно расколоты и в третьих фирма берёт на себя гарантию на рейку и шестерню сроком на год, вообщем купил, пока доволен. Стоит всего раз поработать на таком дровоколе и ты понимаешь что колка дров может приносить не только материальное но и моральное удовольствие.
Володимир Лукаш
Використовуємо два шт. Класні дровоколи, велика продуктивність
Валерій Бігун
Колун супер!!! У мене на підприємстві два такі уже 5 років!! Тепер придбали ще один!!! СУПЕР
С. Дуб
коле добре...я теж вагався ,тепер довольний .сучкуватий бук 11ск.метрів за 2.5 години льогко ...в мене вже п'ятий рік служить... коле все дуб,граб, березу... так шо дровокол реально супер
Вениамин Чабан
Имею такой только на электричестве 380в хороший достойный,делают в Винницкой области
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