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Gas-powered rack and pinion log splitter industrial 7 hp

Rack and pinion splitter (gasoline). Weima engine (7 hp), produces a force of 12 tons to split any wood. Productivity on average up to 25 m³/shift.

A device for splitting firewood from the manufacturer with delivery photo

Model: DKPR-7-B

Max. diameter of the log to be chopped: 500 mm

Max. length of the log to be chopped: 600 mm

(customized up to 800mm)

Force created: 12 pulling force

Dimensions: L2200*W1200*H1200 mm

Weight:  250 kg

Motor capacity: 7 hp, motor Weima

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


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2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

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Gas-powered rack and pinion log splitter industrial 7 hp

"Artmash" LLC is the first manufacturer of rail woodcutters in the entire territory of Eastern Europe.

We have been selling them for more than 8 years, so we are confident in the quality and reliability of this equipment.

A rack-mounted industrial wood splitter powered by a Weima gas engine (7 hp) produces a force of 12 tons, which allows it to be used for any kind of wood, including knots. The company gives a guarantee for its products (24 months), as well as after-sales service.

The advantages of gasoline wood splitters

Such equipment can be used in forestry, households, enterprises for accelerated firewood harvesting in large quantities.

Of the features of a powerful rack and pinion splitter, we distinguish the following:

Speed of splitting
More productive analogs to the rack splitter do not exist. One person with an 8-hour shift can split an average pace of 25 cubic meters of wood. As a result of an effort of 12 tons, the log splits in 1.5 seconds, and this, in turn.
Gas consumption
This wood splitter runs on 92 pure gasoline, consuming 250 g/hour in the summer and about 300 g/hour in the winter. 
Over the years of operation of the wood splitter, the LLC Artmash enterprise has developed all the components, especially the rack and pinion, which tolerate maximum loads. They are made of special alloy steel, after which they undergo heat treatment.
On the engine, there is always a clutch that trips (the mechanism stalls) when a knot hits or if the splitter does not pierce the log the first time. Thanks to this, you can easily return the handle to its original position and again make a hit.

You can buy a gasoline (rack) wood splitter at the LLC Artmash enterprise at the price of the manufacturer, and also order the necessary spare parts for equipment from the warehouse or on order.

The algorithm of the gasoline splitter

1 Place the wood chipper on a flat place and install anti-roll stops under the wheels (you can use already split firewood). Make sure that no chips get into the moving mechanism. Take care of the operator's protective equipment (gloves, glasses).

Start the gasoline engine according to the requirements of the manufacturer of your engine. Reference information is provided to buyers together with the log splitter passport.

Please note: the speed control lever (throttle) is prohibited to move further than half the scale. Working at high engine speeds is dangerous for the operator and the equipment.

3  Press the handle of the wood splitter and make sure that the rail moves freely and without obstruction.

Place the log on the table in a horizontal position so that the knife is directed perpendicular to the grain and does not fall into the center of the knot.

Find a stable position for the log so that it does not shift to the side after impact. (For example, half of the log should be placed flat side down).

5  Pull the handle toward you and release. After the impact, it will return to its place by itself.
6  Repeat until you are satisfied with the size of the firewood obtained.

The equipment can be operated around the clock at temperatures (from -30 to +50° C).

You can find out detailed information about the operation and technical characteristics of this equipment by watching a video on our YouTube channel or by contacting the company's managers.

Get a rack and pinion gas splitter at the cost of the plant, without intermediary markups with delivery within the country and abroad.

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Юра Сулима
Дровокол класний, я був у них на виробництві. Все досить серйозно, настоящий майстри там працюють і продукція досить якісна. Сам користуюсь і всім рекомендую. Чекаю на нові вироби.
Виталий Трикоз
Це не дровокол, це бомба, рубає і пріле і горіле, на даний момент, найкращого ще не придумали.
Konstantin Bionetto
Так сучилось- 30 кубов граба из санитарной зоны и с краю из них 15 кубов пни кручёные 50-60 см --загудел подшипник, поменяли парой --Был такой подвиг..а чистые стволы одно удовольствие..
Василь Бонь
Дровокол хороший я таким за год 100 кубов бука поколол
Сергий Кожокарь
я на такому дровоколи робву отличный такие видземки рубау
Діма Романюк
Я собі придбав рік назад бендзиновий, дуже задоволиний. Любе дерево колить без нічких проблем.
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