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Double-headed metering auger

The two-head dosing auger with a hopper of 3 m3 is designed to simultaneously service two identical granulators

2-head auger for precise loading, manufacturer's price, with delivery photo

Model: ShTP-3-2

Voltage: 380 V

Engine power: 5.1 kW, 1500 rpm

Productivity: up to 8 000 kg/h

Weight: 800 kg

Hopper capacity: 3 m3

Equipment dimensions: 3100*2300*1940 mm

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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1. We sign an agreement with a legal entity.

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

3. We will find the most convenient and profitable way.

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Double-headed metering auger

The twin-head metering auger is designed for the most efficient pelletizing lines where two pelletizers operate simultaneously. Precision loading equipment can be purchased in the basic version or ordered from the manufacturer. Delivery of a two-head auger within the country and abroad to a legal entity or an individual is possible.

Features of the double head auger

Two necks for feeding raw materials, which are served by two granulators
  This option is more convenient than using two separate augers, as it saves space, simplifies the loading of compound feed or sawdust, and is also controlled from one control panel;
Increased bunker 3 m3
  The tank does not need to be loaded manually, it can be filled using a forklift. This automation reduces raw material spillage and speeds up the loading process;
Improved turner

Thanks to the tapering shape of the hopper, all the raw material descends into the lower center area and falls on the agitator, which directs it to the feeding augers. The agitator is equipped with two counter-belt agitators that collect all the raw materials in the central part of the hopper.

Modification of the base model is possible at the customer's request.

Why you need a precision auger

The Artmash plant recommends the use of equipment for dosing feed even in mini lines.

It is necessary for:

» Overload protection of the granulator
  High productivity and, at the same time, long service life of the equipment are possible only with a uniform supply of raw materials and operation within the permissible amperage.
» Reducing the number of maintenance personnel
  When using a two-head auger, the line can be serviced by 1 operator.
» Protection against the ingress of foreign objects

To prevent metal particles from coming into contact with the pelletizer matrix, a neodymium magnet is supplied to each screw neck. If foreign inclusions are found in the raw material, the hopper can be covered with a sieve mesh.

If you want to buy a double-headed auger for precise loading, to clarify the ordering procedure or to get advice about the delivery of goods in the country and abroad - contact the managers of "Artmash".

Examples of modifications and configurations
2-head auger for precise loading, manufacturer's price, with delivery
Double-head feed auger with enlarged hopper
Modification for servicing two granulators of 37 kW each
Order modification
2-head auger for precise loading, manufacturer's price, with delivery
Double-headed auger with reduced hopper 1.5 cubic meters
Modification for servicing two granulators up to 22 kW
Order modification
2-head auger for precise loading, manufacturer's price, with delivery
Modification for raw materials with reduced flowability
Order modification
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