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Fuel pellet mill 22 kW

The granulator sawdust with an engine power of 22 kW. The equipment is equipped with a three-level protection system. The quality of the granules meets the requirements of Europe.

Granulator sawdust 22 kW (380 V) buy at the price of the manufacturer photo

Model: GPP-22

Voltage: 380 V

Motor capacity: 22 kW, 750 revolutions

Yield capacity:

  • sawdust 200-250 kg/hour
  • feed 300-500 kg/hour
  • straw 200-250 kg/hour
  • sunflower waste 250-350 kg/hour
  • husk seeds 200-250 kg/hour

Pellet diameter: 6, 8 mm

Pellet mill weight: 550 kg

Dimensions: 1300*500*1300 mm  

Die diameter: 280 mm

✅ Certificate ECM

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1. We sign an agreement with a legal entity.

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

3. We will find the most convenient and profitable way.

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Fuel pellet mill 22 kW

Granulator with 22 kW, 750 rpm motor is suitable for processing all types of dry oilseed agricultural waste, hay, straw, sawdust of all coniferous and hardwood parts, etc.

The equipment must be connected through an automatic machine with a rated current of 44 A, and the voltage in the 380 V network must be stable. The recommended granule diameter is 6-8 mm.

Features of the granulator of sawdust for 22 kW


In the control cabinet there is an asynchronous electric motor circuit breaker with electromagnetic thermal protection and an electronic ammeter for convenient operator operation.

In the case of increasing the specified amperage or the ingress of foreign objects into the granulator, the engine will instantly shut off.


High-quality processing of raw materials is ensured by means of enhanced pressing and forcing the mass through a matrix with holes.

Ground alloy steel dies have perfect hole markings. In production, the dies are lapped with abrasive mixtures and sent to the user completely ready for work, which distinguishes them from analogues.

« The equipment, as well as its components, is manufactured at the Artmash LLC plant under strict technical control. Warranty for all equipment - 12 months, we also provide post-warranty service.

To increase the efficiency of the granulator, the metered feed auger, which you can buy, will help to:


reduce the wear of rollers and matrix;

> facilitate the work of the operator;

evenly distribute the load on the granulator motor;


provide the engine with additional protection against overheating.

For this model, augers with a hopper of 1.5 m3 (ShTP-1.5) and 3 m3 (ShTP-3) are best suited, but it is also possible to work with an auger with a capacity of 0.6 m3 (ShTP-0.6).

Productivity of the sawdust granulator 22 kW

Sawdust       200-250 kg/h
Feed       300-500 kg/h
For straw       200-250 kg/h
On the husks of seeds       200-250 kg/h
On the waste of sunflower       250-350 kg/h

You can order a sawdust granulator at the producer’s price at the enterprise LLC Artmash. Our products comply with international quality standards, so we make deliveries both domestically and abroad.

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Examples of modifications and configurations
Granulator sawdust 22 kW (380 V) buy at the price of the manufacturer
Granulator 22 kW
Complete set: without engine
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Granulator sawdust 22 kW (380 V) buy at the price of the manufacturer
Mini pellet granulation line
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