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Pellet mill 380 В, 11 kW

Granulator 11 kW for compound feed. 3 levels of motor protection. Alloy steel consumables. Effectively works with the screw of the dosed giving.

The granulator for compound feed of 11 kW - the price of manufacturer photo

Model: GKP-11

Voltage: 380 V

Motor capacity: 11kW, 1000 revolutions

Yield capacity:

  • feeds: 150 - 200 kg/h
  • sunflower waste: 150-250 kg/h

Pellet diameter: 6, 8 mm

Pellet mill weight: 230 kg

Dimensions: 1050*450*1000 mm

Die diameter: 200 mm

✅ Certificate ECM

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2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

3. We will find the most convenient and profitable way.

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Pellet mill 380 В, 11 kW

The granulator (engine power 11 kW) is used for the production of feed and fuel pellets from agricultural waste. The equipment operates on a voltage of 380 V, with a rated current of 22 A, therefore, before buying, we recommend that you check the network parameters in your building.

The main advantages of the 11 kw feed pellet mill

  The productivity of the granulator for feed is 250-350 kg/h, for sunflower waste - 200-250 kg/h. The granules are dense and of high quality, without limiting the user in the recipe.
  Variability of granules
  With the help of knives located under the matrix, you can adjust the length of the granules. The thickness depends on the diameter of the holes (2-8 mm).
  Wear resistance of consumables
  We use 18KhGT alloy steel for the production of rollers and dies, which helps to change them much less frequently.
  An automatic switch of an asynchronous electric motor with electromagnetic thermal protection and an electronic ammeter is installed. This keeps the engine from overheating and makes the operator's job easier.
  The feed granulator can be bought at the price of the manufacturer, as well as the necessary components can be ordered at the Artmash LLC enterprise after they are worn out.

Tandem to feed pellet machine

To increase the efficiency of the equipment, they resort to using a metered feed screw.

This model is compatible with two types of augers: a mini version for 220 liters DGM-220 and a full-size ShTP-0.6 with an inclined neck and a capacity of 0.6 cubic meters.

Thanks to them, the operator does not have to stand in an uncomfortable position, constantly adding compound feed in a thin stream.

Sharing the two units also improves the performance of the granulator:

¤ the rate of wear of parts decreases;
¤ productivity increases;
¤ the load on the engine is reduced.

For the most complete automation, we recommend using this model as part of a feed complex, which also includes a universal grinder that independently loads feed into the hopper of the auger-mixer.

To avoid defects, all products are carefully checked at all stages of production.

The equipment complies with international quality standards, so we carry out delivery in Ukraine and abroad.

Warranty 12 months. Later we also provide post-warranty service.

To consult about the purchase of a feed pelletizer 11 kW, 1500 rpm, please contact our managers.

Examples of modifications and configurations
The granulator for compound feed of 11 kW - the price of manufacturer
Mini feed pelletizing line
Order modification
The granulator for compound feed of 11 kW - the price of manufacturer
Granulator 11 kW
Complete set: without engine
Order modification
The granulator for compound feed of 11 kW - the price of manufacturer
Mini pelletizing line
Mixing screw 220 l + granulator
Order modification
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Володимир Дрьомов
Придбав у вас гранулятор 11кв , і подрібнювач сіна соломина 7,5кв. Роботою задоволений. Щоправда , на грануляторі прийшлось замінити електро пусковий механізм.
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