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Fuel pellet mill 37 kW

An industrial feed pellet mill with a 37 kW motor is designed for high-performance pelletizing lines. Suitable for large farms to meet their own needs, as well as manufacturers of animal feed of any composition.

Voltage: 380 V

Engine power: 37 kW, 1500 rpm.


  • feed 800-1200 kg/hour
  • sunflower waste 500-700 kg/h

Granule diameter: 3-10 mm

Weight: 900 kg

Dimensions: 1700 * 500 * 1600 mm

Matrix Diameter: 400 mm

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1. We test the equipment for defects

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing

3. Verification of equipment compliance with international standards


1. Delivery throughout Ukraine

2. Delivery time - within 3 days

3. Types of delivery: passing cargo, pickup

4. Services of transport companies

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Fuel pellet mill 37 kW

The 37 kW feed granulator is designed for industrial granulation of mixed feeds of any composition. Using this equipment, it is possible to produce up to 1200 kg of granules with a diameter of 3-10 mm every hour.

The Artmash plant offers such granulators at a producer price, both separately and as part of granulation lines. We recommend using equipment of similar capacity together with a metering auger and a cooling system for finished granules.

Features of 37 kW feed pellet mill

Unique features of this stern model:

  • 4 pressing rollers help to more evenly distribute the load on the equipment, which increases its productivity and service life;
  • the gearbox oil cooling system prevents overheating of critical components, which makes it possible to operate the granulator in a 24/7 continuous mode, interrupted only for maintenance;
  • several levels of motor protection protect it from damage caused by overheating and problems in the mains;
  • the proprietary coupling does not allow the mechanism to be damaged if foreign objects enter the hopper;
  • protection against penetration of raw materials into the bearing  turned labyrinths with rubber cuffs.

We give a guarantee for the equipment for 12 months, therefore we equip it with all the necessary fuses that will not allow a loss of performance. In addition, all critical components are hardened and cemented to maximize the life of parts and consumables.

Before deciding to purchase a 37 kW feed pellet mill, we recommend that you consult with our managers. They will tell you in detail about the operation with your raw materials, help you choose additional equipment, organize delivery around the country and abroad.

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