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Pellet mill 380 В, 4 kW

Granulators 4 kW with a capacity of 130-150 kg / hour. Work unit – moving rollers and stationary matrix. Equipment of own production.

Voltage: 380 V

Motor capacity: 4 kW 1500 revolutions

Yield capacity: 100-150 kg/h

Pellet diameter: 2-6 mm

Pellet mill weight: 100 kg

Dimensions: 620*450*800 mm

Die diameter: 160 mm

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1. We test the equipment for defects

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing

3. Verification of equipment compliance with international standards


1. Delivery throughout Ukraine

2. Delivery time - within 3 days

3. Types of delivery: passing cargo, pickup

4. Services of transport companies

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Описание Отзывы
Pellet mill 380 В, 4 kW

A granulator with an engine power of 4 kW, 3000 rpm is used for the production of animal feed. The equipment is equipped with movable rollers and a fixed matrix. The productivity of such a granulator is 130-150 kg / h, therefore it is used both in the domestic sphere and in enterprises.

Features of a 4 kW (380 V) granulator

The main advantages of the proposed equipment:

  1. Equipment LLC Artmash is sold at factory cost. You do not have to pay for intermediaries.
  2. We use bearings from Czechoslovak, Slovenian and other time-tested brands. Here the engine is Belarusian, from the Mogilev Electric Motor Plant.
  3. An asynchronous electric motor circuit breaker with electromagnetic thermal protection is installed and there is an electronic ammeter for convenient operator operation.
  4. Especially matrices with holes of various diameters are selected according to the type of granulated raw material. And already with the help of trimmed knives, you can adjust the length of the granules.

The temperature of the granules at the exit is 70-80 degrees, already a few minutes after cooling, they acquire a dense structure.

The manufacture of dies and rollers for the granulator, includes:

  • the use of alloy steel 18HGT;
  • hardening of spare parts in our own thermal furnaces;
  • Carrying out cementation, grinding and polishing of the matrix.

The hardness of the matrix is ​​determined on the Rockwell scale, it corresponds to the hardness of the bearing, the performance of which varies between 55-60 units.

Granulator for 4 kW (380 V): what is the advantage?

We highlight 3 important points:

Performance   Granulators with spinning rollers       Granulators with rotating matrix
The gap   The gap between the matrix and the roller is set only once. It is enough to use an ordinary clamping nut, insert the cotter pin and set the clearance. (description of the adjustment is in the documentation that comes with the granulator).       The clearance is set by two adjustment bolts. They are located on the side of the granulator. If the clamps are not properly clamped, the rollers can become skewed and this will lead to the fact that you will be constantly correcting this problem.
Raw materials   Spinning rollers compress feed better. This is especially true for products with a very low specific gravity (grass meal).       When the matrix is ​​spinning, the flour does not get into the compact well.
Thread   Thread is not erased.       Due to the frequent adjustment of the bolts that press the rollers to the die, the thread is constantly erased

At all stages of manufacturing parts, we carry out strict controls to avoid defects. Therefore, we sell high quality products at a cost, without extra charges from intermediaries. Warranty 12 months, in addition, we provide after-sales service.

For the order of a granulator for compound feed address managers. We also offer equipment delivery service to any region of country or abroad.

Отзыв успешно добавлен
Денис Власенко
Пользуюсь универсальным измельчителем и гранулятором 4 кВт 380 почти год. Техника отличная, удобная в использовании! читать дальше
Толік Гиндрюк
Доброго дня, у мене такий гранулятор 4 кіловатний, уже використовую 4 роки, ніяких проблем, простий, надійний і потужний, для домашнього хазяйства незамінимий. Міняв тільки підшипники у роликах, і більше нічого. Гранулятор бомба!!! читать дальше
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