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Pellet mill 380 В, 7.5 kW

Granulator for feed with an engine power of 7.5 kW from the manufacturing plant LLC Artmash. Performance - 200-300 kg/h, a high level of engine protection.

Voltage: 380 V

Motor capacity: 7,5 kW 1500 revolutions


  • feed 200-300 kg/hour
  • sunflower waste: 150-200 kg/hour

Pellet diameter: 2-8 mm

Pellet mill weight: 120 kg

Dimensions: 700*450*800 mm

Die diameter: 200 mm

Price: check with the manager

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1. We test the equipment for defects

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing

3. Verification of equipment compliance with international standards


1. Delivery throughout Ukraine

2. Delivery time - within 3 days

3. Types of delivery: passing cargo, pickup

4. Services of transport companies

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Описание Отзывы
Pellet mill 380 В, 7.5 kW

A feed pellet mill with an engine power of 7.5 kW is suitable for use in the domestic sphere, on farms, and agricultural complexes. Productivity of the equipment is 200-300 kg/h. Warranty 12 months, in addition, we provide after-sales service.

Features of a 7.5 kW granulator

Equipment, as well as components for it, are produced directly at the LLC Artmash enterprise.

Granulator Parts     Hardware Feature
Engine     Power consumption 7.5 kW, 3000 rpm. Installed through a double gearbox (1 - belt drive, 2 - the gearbox itself). Thanks to the hypoid helical gear, the noise level is reduced, and the ride is guaranteed without loss of power. 
Rollers, dies     Made of alloyed, brushed steel 18HGT, where the matrix is ​​saturated with chromium (increases wear resistance). They undergo surface heat treatment, due to which they find the bearing hardness (about 55-60 HRC on the Rockwell scale).
Bearings     Purchased from trusted manufacturers. You can count on the processing of a large amount of feed and the wear resistance of the granulator for years of work.

Details of the in-house production of the LLC Artmash enterprise pass OTC control. The matrices are drilled on numerically controlled machines, which makes it possible to obtain a product with an ideal location and hole size. After grinding the surface, the matrix passes grinding in, unlike analogues of other manufacturers. Therefore, our equipment lasts longer.

Granulator Efficiency

The advantage of granular feed over conventional bulk feed:

Indicators     Granulated feed     Loose feed
Structure     Compressed, identical in shape granules     Different structural elements
Waste     None     Present in large quantities
Composition     They have the same composition with all useful and nutritious substances.     Animals secrete only that part of the feed that suits their taste.
Safety     High. Granules normally carry moisture     Low. Absorbs moisture, molds
Processing     Heat treatment is provided, which kills fungi, bacteria, harmful microbes (including salmonella)     No disinfection

Such granular feed can be made independently by purchasing a 7.5 kW pellet mill at the manufacturer's price.

How to use the granulator for the production of feed can be clearly seen from the video above. Specify more detailed information at managers.

Order a granulator for feed in LLC “Artmash” and get delivery of equipment in the country or abroad.

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