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Sawdust granulator 7.5 kW

High-torque reduction granulator on a 7.5 kW reinforced hypoid gearbox. Designed purely for fuel pellets (sawdust).

Voltage: 380 V

Engine power: 7.5 kW, 1000 rpm


  • feed 100-150 kg/hour;
  • sawdust 50-80 kg/hour;
  • straw, husk 70-80 kg/hour;
  • sunflower waste 100-120 kg/hour.

Granule diameter: 6.8 mm

Weight: 140 kg

Dimensions: 1040 * 400 * 1000 mm

Matrix Diameter: 200 mm

Price: check with the manager

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1. We test the equipment for defects

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing

3. Verification of equipment compliance with international standards


1. Delivery throughout Ukraine

2. Delivery time - within 3 days

3. Types of delivery: passing cargo, pickup

4. Services of transport companies

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Sawdust granulator 7.5 kW

LLC Artmash offers a sawdust granulator of 7.5 kW. It is a mini version of pellet equipment with the ability to process both clean sawdust and a variety of mixtures.

Designed for small farms manufacturing fuel pellets for their own needs. The 7.5 kW sawdust granulator can be bought from the manufacturer with delivery in the country, CIS and other countries.

Advantages of the granulator of sawdust 7.5 kW

Since sawdust is difficult to process, we had to make changes to the basic design.

In particular:

  • Use a reinforced hypoid gear with high torque. It ensures that a small engine successfully recycles clean sawdust;
  • install the control panel on the granulator body. To make it more convenient for the operator to follow the ammeter readings, the shield is located not vertically, but at an angle;
  • select the most suitable matrix parameters. In particular, we recommend producing granules with a diameter of 6-8 mm, since with smaller hole sizes in the matrix, the motor will experience too much stress.

To ensure long-term trouble-free operation of the granulator, the raw material must be supplied to it evenly and accurately. For this we offer metered feed augers. For a 7.5 kW granulator, the mini auger mixer model is best suited.

Reasons to buy a 7.5 kW sawdust granulator from Artmash

Among other low-powered pellet plants, our products are distinguished by such factors:

  • robust construction. 95% of the parts are manufactured at our factory under the supervision of OTK specialists. We use ZKL bearings and motors from trusted suppliers;
  • triple motor protection - an electronic ammeter (the user sees the load and can turn off the unit in time), electromechanical and thermal protection (they turn off the equipment automatically);
  • The price of the pellet mill is 7.5 kW less than the cost of any other pellet model. If you only want to get acquainted with the granulation technology, develop an original recipe for fuel pellets, or recycle the waste of your own small enterprise, this model will be the most profitable;
  • CЄ certification. The International Commission has confirmed the complete safety of Artmash equipment and its compliance with European standards;
  • quality guarantee 12 months. If during the first year the granulator does not produce the declared productivity, any part fails, the matrix wears out earlier than the billing period, we will solve the problem at our own expense in the shortest possible time.

To buy a granulator of sawdust of 7.5 kW for your farm, ask additional questions about its work, to clarify the possibility of delivery abroad, call Artmash managers.

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