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Fuel pellet mill 15 kW

Granulator for the production of pellets from agricultural waste and sawdust for own needs. Reliable gearbox. European bearings. 95% parts of our own production.

Granulator pellets 15 kW - buy from manufacturer photo

Model: GPP-15

Voltage: 380 V

Motor capacity: 15 kW, 1000 revolutions

Yield capacity:

  • saw dust: 100-120 kg/h
  • straw: 100-120 kg/h
  • sunflower seed shells: 100-120 kg/h
  • sunflower waste: 200-300 kg/h

Pellet diameter: 2-8 mm

Pellet mill weight: 250 kg

Dimensions: 1050*400*1000 mm

Die diameter: 200 mm

✅ Certificate ECM

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

3. We will find the most convenient and profitable way.

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Fuel pellet mill 15 kW

The model is used as part of a mini-line for the production of fuel pellets in farms and woodworking workshops. It is also possible to manufacture granules for soil fertilization.

An engine with a power of 15 kW, 1000 revolutions granulates sawdust, straw, seed husks, sunflower waste ... In order for the granule to turn out to be solid, without bumps and cracks, the moisture content of the raw material should not exceed 14%.

The main advantages of the 15 kW pellet mill

¤ Asynchronous motor circuit breaker with electromagnetic thermal protection prevents motor damage due to network problems or solid objects entering the hopper.
¤ The granulator accommodates a hypoid helical gear. This achieves a significantly lower noise level during operation and increases the service life of the gearbox (compared to a spur gear).
¤ An electronic ammeter helps the operator to monitor the condition of the equipment and set the maximum allowable supply of raw materials.

To increase productivity by 15-20%, we recommend working with a fine loading auger. He will help:

reduce wear of rollers, matrix, bearings;
evenly distribute the load on the motor;
prevent engine overheating;
minimize user effort.

For this model, we recommend an auger with a hopper of 0.6 cubic meters (ShTP-0.6), but to save space, it is possible to use the option with a hopper of 220 l (DGM-220).

Before making the final selection of the auger, it is important to check the stability of the power grid, since only the pelletizer requires a rated current of 32A.

Pellet granulator performance 15 kW

Raw Material       kg/hour
Sawdust       100-120
Straw       100-120
Sunflower seed husk       100-120
Sunflower waste       150-200
Feed       150-200

Productivity was measured on standard sizes of fuel pellets - ∅ 6 mm and ∅ 8 mm. The resulting pellets fully comply with European standards and are suitable for use with all types of pellet boilers.

If you want to save on heating and efficiently dispose of your own company's waste, you should purchase GPP-15 at the manufacturer's price.

To order a pellet granulator 15 kW, 380 V, please contact the managers of Artmash LLC. Guarantee 12 months, in addition, we provide post-warranty service for local and foreign customers.

We carry out delivery of goods to any region of Ukraine. Our equipment complies with international quality standards, so we send it abroad (more than 20 countries) directly to the consumer or through a dealer.

Examples of modifications and configurations
Granulator pellets 15 kW - buy from manufacturer
Granulator 15 kW
Complete set: without engine
Order modification
Granulator pellets 15 kW - buy from manufacturer
Mini pelletizing line
Mixing screw 220 l + granulator 15 kW
Order modification
Granulator pellets 15 kW - buy from manufacturer
Mini sawdust pelleting line
Metering auger 0.6 cube + pellet granulator 15 kW
Order modification
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У меня ваш 15кВт + дозированная подача на 0.6куба в принципе сыплется отлично
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дуже задоволений гранулятором!!!! Працює на всі 100%. За 4 місяці ніразу не було якоїсь серйозноі поломки!Окупив себе разом із бункером реально за 2 місяці!!!
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