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Pellet Granulator 37 kW

The 37 kW pellet granulator is a high-performance model for manufacturing 3.2 - 5.6 tons of pellets per shift. It is equipped with an advanced gearbox, oil cooling system and 3 pressing rollers.

Pellet granulator 37 kW to buy at producer price photo

Model: GPP-37

Voltage: 380 V

Engine power: 37 kW, 750 rpm


  • feed: 600-800 kg/hour
  • sawdust, straw, husk: 400-500 kg/hour
  • on sunflower waste: 500-700 kg/h
  • on grain waste: 500-700 kg/hour

Granule Diameter: 6-10 mm

Granulator weight: 1200 kg

Dimensions: 1700 * 500 * 1600 mm

Matrix Diameter: 400 mm

✅ Certificate ECM

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Pellet Granulator 37 kW

The 37 kW pellet granulator was developed by Artmash specialists for large enterprises producing fuel pellets. The model is suitable for round-the-clock operation and provides high performance on all types of raw materials.

Equipment warranty - 1 year. Ship to over 20 countries worldwide.

Features of the pellet granulator 37 kW

Artmash engineers introduced a number of innovations into the base model that made the granulator more efficient, reliable and productive.

Among them:

  Long-life gear with ground tooth,
  large gear ratio and large torque. This is an improved version of the hypoid gear with the tooth module 10, which has a large margin of safety in bending. Czech-made ZKL roller conical bearings with a minimum inner diameter were used, which eliminated radial and axial play.
  4-roller pressing mechanism
  Thus, the load on the matrix and rollers is reduced, increasing the resource of consumables.
  Protection of roller bearings against ingress of raw materials
  ZKL products are complemented by machined labyrinths and rubber cuffs. Thanks to this, the rollers last longer and do not require frequent maintenance.
  A roller bearing with a brass cage,
  which holds the axial load in the granulator housing. This allows you to use the equipment 24/7 without the risk of quick breakdown.
  Oil cooling system, preventing overheating of critical components,
  Thus, the likelihood of rapid wear of the gears of the gearbox and its failure is reduced. At the same time, the risk of raw material overheating is reduced.
  Reinforced mechanical and electrical protection
  The slip clutch is already triggered when the motor rated current is 20% higher. We establish a smooth start of the engine. We use the UBZ 301 unit in the control cabinet, which protects the granulator from poor-quality mains voltage, mechanical overloads, irregularities in the wiring of the motor and supply cable, current leakage, etc.

Matrices for new granulators are also manufactured on CNC machines to achieve perfect geometry, as well as with subsequent cementation and hardness increase to 56-60 Rockwell.

Need more information about the 37 kW pellet granulator - call Artmash managers and they will answer your question.

Examples of modifications and configurations
Pellet granulator 37 kW to buy at producer price
Granulator 37 kW
Complete set: without engine
Order modification
Pellet granulator 37 kW to buy at producer price
Mini pellet granulation line
ShTP-1,5 + GPP-37
Order modification
Pellet granulator 37 kW to buy at producer price
Mini pellet granulation line
ShTP-0,6 + GPP-37
Order modification
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