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Pellet mill universal two-speed 22-33 kW

The universal two-speed granulator 22-33 kW is designed for the manufacture of granular feed and fuel pellets. Thanks to the switching of engine operating modes, it provides optimal granulation conditions for any biomass.

Model: G2Sh-22-33

Voltage: 380 V

Engine power: 22-33 kW, 750-1500 rpm


  • feed 500-800 kg/h
  • sawdust 200-250 kg/h
  • straw 200-250 kg/h
  • husk seeds 200-250 kg/h
  • waste of sunflower 400-500 kg/h

Granule Diameter: 2-8 mm

Weight: 550 kg

Dimensions: 1600 * 600 * 1300 mm

Matrix Diameter: 280 mm

Price: out of production
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1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Delivery time - 3-45 days.

3. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

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Pellet mill universal two-speed 22-33 kW

The 22-33 kW two-speed granulator is a universal high-performance unit for the manufacture of both granular feed and fuel pellets. Buying one type of equipment for these tasks is usually impossible. But this model is equipped with a two-speed motor that can provide optimal speed for each type of raw material.

Advantages of a two-speed granulator 22-33 kW

The main feature of the model is the ability to switch the engine from 750 rpm to 1500 rpm. The first is suitable for granulating fuel pellets from clean sawdust of oak or coniferous species, as well as mixtures with the addition of sawdust from other trees. The second mode allows you to process compound feeds of any composition, as well as to make fuel pellets from a mixture of straw, sunflower waste, husks of seeds and other agricultural residues.

Also, for a two-speed granulator are characteristic:

  • Increased productivity. A model with an engine of 22-33 kW is capable of delivering 500-800 kg of granular feed every hour. The smaller the amount of grass meal, the faster the feed is processed. In the pellet mode, the granulator provides 200-250 kg/h on straw, sawdust, husks of seeds and up to 400 kg/h on sunflower waste.
  • Compatibility with other equipment. A two-speed granulator can become the basis of a universal line for processing feed and pellets. Any model of mixer, feed screw, cooler is suitable for it.
  • Quiet work. The granulator is not as noisy as the analogues of other manufacturers, because it is equipped with our proprietary unit - a hypoid helical gear.
  • Protection against mechanical overloads. The engine and the granulator head are connected by a special protective coupling. If stone enters the hopper, it prevents damage to the motor.

If you want to learn more about the universal two-speed granulator 22-33 kW, buy accessories for it from the manufacturer or get acquainted with the prices, terms of payment and delivery in the country and abroad, leave a request for a call back.

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Granulator 22-33 kW
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