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Feed pelletizing complex

A feed pelletizing complex is an optimal set of equipment that allows you to provide a farm with fresh pellets with the correct composition. Works without dust. Installs even in a small room

Feed granulator Artmash from the manufacturer, 1 year warranty photo

Raw materials: feed of any composition (including hay, straw, alfalfa)

Productivity: 250-350 kg/h

Finished product: granules

✅ Certificate ECM

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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1. We sign an agreement with a legal entity.

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

3. We will find the most convenient and profitable way.

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Feed pelletizing complex

The compound feed granulation complex is a semi-automated mini line. It is designed for farms that need a capacity of up to 350 kg/h. The set can be purchased in the proposed configuration or a modification can be ordered. Delivery within the country is available, as well as official shipping abroad.

Characteristics of the granulation complex

The basic set includes:

  1. Grinder for grain and straw 11 kW. It is the most powerful universal impact crusher that handles all types of cereals well; grains, stalks and cobs of corn; stalk forage (hay of meadow grasses, alfalfa, reeds). This shredder will prepare any necessary feed for granulation, including pre-extruded ones. The capacity of the crusher is up to 350 kg/h for grasses and up to 600 kg/h for grain.
  2. Mixing screw with 0.6 m3 hopper and cyclone. The modification for the complex, in contrast to the basic model, is necessarily supplied with a cyclone and a closing lid with a seal and clamps. Mixing to 96% homogeneity takes 5 minutes. In the auger mode, it is possible to smoothly adjust the feed to ensure the optimal operation of the granulator.
  3. Feed granulator 11 kW. This is a medium-sized model capable of processing grain and mixed mixtures, as well as making pellets from sunflower waste. Productivity up to 350 kg/h for grain and up to 250 kg/h for agricultural waste. The range of granule diameters is 2-8 mm.

At the request of the client at the "Artmash" plant, it is possible to manufacture a feed pelletizing complex in a different configuration. For example, use a shredder and granulator with 7.5 kW motors to save your budget. Or increase the capacity of the mixing auger hopper to the required volume.

Advantages of the feed pelletizing complex

Artmash experts recommend choosing the complex, and not assembling its analogue from basic models, since this option has a number of advantages.

Among them:

  • facilitating the loading of crushed raw materials into the bunker of the mixing auger. Since they are connected by pipes through a cyclone, everything happens automatically. Workers do not waste time on this, and shit does not crumble on the floor;
  • comfortable work without dust. The spread of particles of raw materials not only leads to its loss, but also is dangerous for the respiratory tract of the operator. To prevent this, we install a cyclone and also equip the mixing auger with a sealed cover. A little dust only comes from the granulator hopper. It cannot be closed, since the operator must always be able to visually check the condition of the rollers;
  • the possibility of automation. If necessary, we will install strain gauges on the mixing auger that control the weight of each loaded ingredient and turn off the crusher as soon as the required amount of product is collected in the hopper. This option will greatly facilitate the process of preparing multi-component mixtures, in which accurate dosage is important.

Didn't find the information you need on the site?

Ask your question to the "Artmash" manager. He will accurately calculate the price of the configuration you need, help you choose matrices and nets, tell you about delivery in the country and abroad, explain how to buy a feed pelletizing complex on credit.

Examples of modifications and configurations
Feed granulator Artmash from the manufacturer, 1 year warranty
Complex for the preparation of granulated feed with a hammer-impact crusher
DRM-11-B + ShTP-ZK-0,6 + GKP-11
Order modification
Feed granulator Artmash from the manufacturer, 1 year warranty
Complex for preparation of granulated feed with an industrial shredder
Order modification
Feed granulator Artmash from the manufacturer, 1 year warranty
Compound feed pelletizing complex
Complete set: shredder 7.5 kW + mixing auger + granulator 7.5 kW
Order modification
Feed granulator Artmash from the manufacturer, 1 year warranty
Compound feed pelletizing complex
Complete set: chopper 11 kW + mixing auger + granulator 11 kW
Order modification
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Денис Власенко
Пользуюсь универсальным измельчителем и гранулятором 4 кВт 380 почти год. Техника отличная,удобная в использовании!
Сергій, Черняхів
Ми починали 4 роки тому з гранулятора 7,5 кВт. Останні 4-5 місяців вже виготовляємо 10-ки тонн щотижня. Маємо дробарку 15 кВт з бункером на тензодатчиках, шнек-змішувач, гранулятор 15 кВт. Обладнання працює, поки ніяких зауважень не було. Продуктивність лінії складає 450 кг гранул на годину. Подобається надійність обладнання та швидкий сервіс. Коли потрібна матриця чи ролики, телефонуємо – і через 3-4 дні отримуємо на пошті. Стараємося замовляти витратні матеріали про запас, щоб не зупиняти виробництво.
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