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Combined feed preparation complex with automation

Combined feed preparation complex with automation helps farmers to produce friable feed according to their own recipes with minimal effort. It can be supplemented with a granulator to form an automatic mini line.


Voltage: 380 V


  • grinding 250 - 500 kg/h
  • mixing 600 kg in 6 minutes

Fraction size: 4, 6, 8

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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1. We sign an agreement with a legal entity.

2. All nodes are made in-house with quality control testing.

3. 1 year warranty for all equipment. Detailed conditions.


1. We deliver across Ukraine and to 20 countries (Egypt, Georgia, Turkey, Italy...)

2. Delivery time - 3-45 days.

3. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

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Combined feed preparation complex with automation

The complex for the preparation of animal feed with automation is not just a set of separate equipment, but an integrated system of devices that maximally facilitates the work of the farmer. Now you do not need to pre-weigh all the components of the compound feed, install the container for the crushed raw materials and manually reload it into the mixer - the mechanisms will do everything on their own.

An automated feed preparation complex can be bought as standard or a chopper of a different design or capacity can be selected. Delivery to any place in Europe or the world will provide.

Differences in the complex for the preparation of feed with automation

The system stands out thanks to the following components:

  1. Universal chopper. The equipment copes with grain, meal, alfalfa, reeds, straw, hay and any other feed with a moisture content not exceeding 12%. The more powerful the shredder, the higher the productivity.
  2. Replaceable mesh grinder. You choose the grinding fraction depending on the needs of your animals. We will provide options with perforations of 4, 6, 8 mm or we will produce an individual with the desired size.
  3. Cyclone with loading into the mixer hopper. The crushed raw materials with the air flow are sent to a sealed hopper, so no debris and dust are generated in the working room. Direct feeding of the crushed fraction also helps to avoid losses and foreign objects entering the mixture.
  4. Strain gages automatic control of the weight of the crushed product. The weight of the ingredient is constantly displayed on the board, it is easy for the operator to control the weight. If necessary, add automation that disables the crusher upon receipt of the right amount of ingredient.
  5. The mixer with two spiral tapes ensures mass uniformity up to 96% in 6 minutes. The equipment is capable of processing up to 0.6 cubic meters of raw materials per 1 cycle.
  6. The fine feed auger will help to feed the feed into the granulator in a dosed manner or quickly reload it into the hopper, onto the conveyor, into the storage container.

You can watch the video about the operation of the compound feed preparation complex with automation on the website or on our channel in YouTube.

5 reasons to choose "Artmash"

We are appreciated for:

  1. Quality of equipment (internal quality control).
  2. Support for each client (managers, granulators, electricians are always in touch).
  3. An opportunity to order what is needed (we give a choice of complete sets, we modify).
  4. Willingness to experiment (we check the customer’s raw materials for free).
  5. Continuous development (create new models, improve old ones).

If you want to buy a complex for the preparation of compound feeds with automation, order another set of equipment, arrange delivery around the country and abroad, and get additional information, call Artmash managers.

Examples of modifications and configurations
Complex for the preparation of compound feed with a hammer-rotor crusher
Order modification
Peat crushing complex
Order modification
Loose feed preparation complex with industrial grain crusher
Order modification
Order modification
Order modification
Combined feed complex for grain and hay
Mixer 0.6 cubic meters + universal impact hammer crusher
Order modification
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