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Mixing screw 220 l

The 220 l mixing auger is a larger version of the mini feeder auger with a mixing function. The compact and simple device will provide metered feed supply to granulators 4 kW, 7.5 kW, 11 kW.

Mixing screw for mixed feed, 220 l from the manufacturer photo

Model: DGM-220

Voltage: 220/380V

Motor power: 1,1 kW

Feeding capacity: up to 1000 kg/h

Mixing capacity: up to 500 kg/h

Hopper volume: 220 l

Maximum loading of raw materials: 180 l

Dimensions: 1255x530x1860 mm

Weight: 100 kg

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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Mixing screw 220 l

The 220 L Mixer Auger is a mid-sized model in the range of precision augers with mixing function. The equipment is suitable for small farms with a 380 V connection. It is best to buy such a mixer screw for a 7.5-15 kW granulator.

Equipment warranty - 1 year. Delivery is possible to any region of the country, as well as abroad. We have permanent representatives in a number of countries.

Advantages of the 220 l mixing auger


You can immediately load 120 kg of feed into the hopper, which will be mixed until homogeneity over 90%, thanks to a mixer with right and left turns. This is enough for almost 1 hour of operation of the 4 kW granulator.

  There is no long neck in the mixing auger, feeding is provided through a gate in the lower part of the hopper, which is installed above the granulator. Thanks to this, the mixing auger takes up much less space than the 0.6 cubic meter model. It is more convenient to store and transport.
  Adjustment of the gap between the turns of the mixer and the wall of the hopper

You can independently set the distance that will ensure complete unloading of the finished product.

  Hopper height adjustment
  The tank can be raised for easier viewing of the granulator, or lowered for easier loading of raw materials. The maximum distance from the gate to the floor is 1300 mm.
  Mixing timer

The recommended mixing period is 3-6 minutes. You can set the exact time yourself, taking into account the characteristics of your raw materials. The mixer will give a signal when the feed is ready to pelletize, so that the operator will put the unit in metering mode.

  Engine 1.1 kW

An advanced mixing system enables us to ensure good uniformity of forage using economical low power motors.

Like our other equipment, the 220 l mixing auger is equipped with a starter with a thermal relay that protects the motor from overloading.

To get advice about the selection of a mixing auger, buy a basic model or order a modification, please contact Artmash managers.

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