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Fine loading auger 1.5 cubic meters

Dosing auger with the possibility of installing an additional neck for servicing two granulators. Provides complete unloading of compound feed from the mixer 1.5 cubic meters.

Precise filling auger 1.5 cubic meters at the price of the manufacturer photo

Model: ShTP-1,5

Voltage: 380 V

Engine power: 2.2 kW, 1500 rpm; 0.55 kW, 1500 rpm

Productivity: up to 6000 kg/hour

Weight: 450 kg

Hopper volume: 1.5 m3

Equipment dimensions: 2150 * 1450 * 1900 mm

Price: We will calculate the cost according to your request
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Fine loading auger 1.5 cubic meters

The dosing screw is an essential element of the pelletizing line, as it ensures uniform, efficient and safe operation of the pelletizer with minimal human intervention.

Differences between the exact loading auger 1.5 m3


The 1.5 m3 auger model was developed as a replacement for the popular 1.3 m3 auger.

The designers have made a number of changes:

    Replaced the worm gear, which is still used in 0.6 cc augers, with a more durable cylindrical one.    
    We increased the capacity of the bunker to 1.5 cubic meters in order to ensure complete unloading of the compound feed from the one and a half cubic meter mixer. This enables uninterrupted operation of the feed lines.    
    We got rid of the vibration motor, which was previously needed to prevent freezing of certain types of raw materials. In the new auger, complete unloading is ensured by the shape of the hopper and the enlarged agitator.    
    Provided the convenience of transportation. The new auger model fits into light commercial vans (Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter). Many customers can now pick up equipment with their own transport, while others do not have to pay for shipping with a large truck.    
    Provided the possibility of installing a second neck. If the client decides to increase the capacity of the line, he just needs to buy an additional neck for the 1.5 m3 auger and a second granulator. Installation of the add-on is easy to do on your own, or with the help of the designer's advice.    

The model of the dosing screw 1.5 m3 is recommended for operation in tandem with granulators 22 kW and 37 kW. It has proven itself well with customers who produce pellets for wholesale.


Advantages of the 1.5 cubic meter metering auger


Users note that this auger:


Convenient and easy to use

  • The equipment does not require special knowledge from the operator, or special care.
  • It is enough to adjust the feed rate of raw materials for the optimal operating mode of the granulator at the first start of the auger.
  • There is practically no noise load.

Differs in a reliable design

The auger can be operated in several shifts or in continuous operation. It can handle any dry material: forage, sawdust, sunflower waste, hay, alfalfa, etc.


Low energy consumption

The main motor requires 2.2 kW, the geared motor on the neck requires 0.55 kW.


Can be changed to suit your needs

If necessary, add a cover to the hopper, increase the volume of the hopper, change the unloading height or make other adjustments.

We install neodymium magnets on all auger models to select metal inclusions before they enter the granulator.

To receive a commercial offer for a line that includes this model, buy a 1.5 cubic meter dosing screw for an existing line, clarify the price of the required modification, order delivery of equipment to your region of the country or abroad, contact Artmash managers.

Examples of modifications and configurations
Precise filling auger 1.5 cubic meters at the price of the manufacturer
Dosing auger with hopper 1.5 cubic meters with one head
Modification for one granulator
Order modification
Precise filling auger 1.5 cubic meters at the price of the manufacturer
Dosing auger with hopper 1.5 cubic meters with two heads
Modification for two granulators
Order modification
Precise filling auger 1.5 cubic meters at the price of the manufacturer
Double-headed dosing auger on wheels with an increased bunker
Based on the ShTP-1.5-2 model
Order modification
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