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Screw conveyor + mixer

Fine loading auger + mixer - 2 in 1 model for mini granulation lines and feed mills. Provides high-quality mixing of raw materials and dosed supply.

Universal screw exact loading + mixer - buy with delivery photo

Model: ShTP-ZK-0,6, ShTP-ZK-1

Voltage: 380 V

Yield capacity: up to 3000 kg/h

Mixing capacity: up to 1000 kg/h

Feed screw motor power: 0.55 kW

Mixer motor power: 2.2 kW

Hopper capacity: 0.6 cubic meters

Dimensions: 2800*750*1600 mm

Weight: 220 kg

Price: 2460 $
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2. Types of delivery: self-pickup, transport companies, passing cargo.

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Screw conveyor + mixer

Fine loading auger + mixer - universal equipment developed by the designers of Artmash LLC. By purchasing this model, you save on the purchase of 2 separate units. The model is often used as the basis of feed complexes (mini-lines) for small and medium-sized farms.

Precision Loading Auger + Mixer: Characteristics

380 The model is only suitable for three-phase mains (380 V).
0,6-1 The volume of the bunker is 0.6 cubic meters. m. This is enough to work even with a 22 kW granulator, but under the order we will increase the capacity of the bunker to 1 cubic meter. m.
300 The mass of the product is impressive, but reliable swivel wheels help to roll the auger-mixer alone across the territory without much effort.
40/40 There is a time relay in the automation cabinet. This allows the operator to set any period for the revolutions of the auger in the left and right directions. Practice shows that 40 seconds is enough to scroll to the right, after which the reverse is automatically turned on and the motor turns the auger in the left direction for 40 seconds.
5-6 As well as a full-size mixer, the universal model allows for 5-6 minutes to qualitatively mix the raw materials together with various additives until homogeneous and start feeding to the granulator to proceed to the pelletizing process.
2,2 The agitator inside the hopper is connected through a chain drive with a worm gear motor with a power of 2.2 kW. This is necessary to increase torque and reduce speed.

The dosing auger (inside the pipe) is powered by a motor with a 0.55 kW geared motor with a gear ratio of 1/50. Installed air-cooled engine.

After receiving the product with a gearmotor, we recommend unscrewing the bolt that is at the top and screwing in a grease fitting instead for further maintenance of the gearbox. A package with a grease fitting is attached to the gearmotor.

The equipment is available at the manufacturer's price, with or without MPE (according to the client's request).

Reasons to Order a Fine Loading Auger/Mixer

  Ensures stable operation of the granulator motor

There is no need to continuously pour raw materials into the granulator. The load on the motor is reduced, which prevents the motor from overheating and increases its service life. 

  Facilitates the work of the operator
  There is no need to continuously manually add raw materials to the granulator, as well as prepare batches using artisanal methods.
  Takes up minimal space in the workshop

Thanks to the combination of two functions in one design, there is more free space for the work of personnel.

The delivery of such equipment is also much cheaper than the transportation of separate screw and mixer.

  Adjusts to raw materials

Under the mixer hopper there is a gate control knob that changes the intensity of spilling the mixed product onto the feed auger. For compound feed, the gate can be opened halfway, as it has greater flowability. And for sawdust, straw, alfalfa, open the gate completely.

The feed rate of raw materials to the granulator is controlled by changing the speed of rotation of the feeding auger on the control panel of the equipment.

To buy an exact loading auger - a mixer at the manufacturer's price, as well as spare parts for it, please contact our phone managers or leave a request. Regarding delivery in Ukraine and abroad, you can also consult with our logistician (number on the "Contacts" page).

Examples of modifications and configurations
Universal screw exact loading + mixer - buy with delivery
Long neck mixing auger
Modification to increase the discharge height
Order modification
Universal screw exact loading + mixer - buy with delivery
Mixing screw in bronze color
In addition to the standard blue for equipment, you can choose between bronze and green.
Order modification
Universal screw exact loading + mixer - buy with delivery
Mixing screw with lid and aspiration
Modification for connection to a shredder. Installation of load cells, scales and automation is possible.
Order modification
Universal screw exact loading + mixer - buy with delivery
Screw mixer with SDRR
Added a system of metered spraying of oil during the mixing of compound feed
Order modification
Universal screw exact loading + mixer - buy with delivery
Screw-mixer ShTP-ZK-1
Modification with increased bunker volume
Order modification
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