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Review of 4 kW grinder and mini pelletizing line
We interrupt the grain with a crusher. 10 minutes and the bran is ready. The technique is very wonderful. Satisfied. I recommend.
Review of the wood splitter from the agricultural complex "Vinnichina"
At first we rented such a device from a neighbor. Then we ordered ourselves, now it is practically new. No complaints. The main thing is that it connects to 220 V to any outlet. Everything is just serviced. We work with such firewood. So far, we have pinned it down a bit, but we hope for great performance. Because we saw your videos and tried them ourselves. All good.
Feedback from a client from the Barsky district of Vinnytsia region about a 220 V splitter after 4 years of use
I have a woodcutter for 4 years. I stabbed him a lot, somewhere around 1,000 cubic meters. 220 V motor, can be connected to any outlet, extension cord with any wire cross section. Wonderful, just wonderful. No losses and the motor is great, just works great. No belts flew, the clutch also works perfectly. Nothing was done after the breakdowns, except for the button.
Customer review, Ivano-Frankivsk region, log splitter.
The third year I have been using equipment from the factory of the manufacturer Artmash. I have in my warehouse 2 splitters for harvesting firewood on an industrial scale. I am satisfied with the operation of the equipment, there are no complaints from the workers either. Failures were only small, the cleaver quickly returned to work. Cracks any kind of wood. Compared to hydraulic, which I used not so long ago, a rack splitter consumes three times less electricity.
Feedback on Artmash log splitters from the Energoresurs utility company
Lumberjacks of this company have been using for 6-7 years. These firewood were cut by one man for one month and laid down. There are no problems with any of us. It works wonderfully well. With these lumberjacks we serve 9 facilities. The objects are all powerful. For example, school and kindergarten. We heat them, the heat is enough. Firewood we have 2 pcs. They work wonderfully.
Customer review, Gaysin, splitter 220 V.
On the recommendation of his friends, he decided to order a wood splitter from the manufacturer's factory Artmash. For all the time of its use, the equipment did not fail, it copes with its task very well. Most often we cut ash with small knots, the machine works quickly, without effort. Two operators in an hour process the firewood machine. I am satisfied, there are no complaints. Therefore, I recommend everyone the Artmash wood splitter to use.
Feedback from the owner of the pellet mill Artmash 15 kW [video of a client from the Khmelnytsky region]
Firm "Artmash" really produces high-quality equipment. I [...] went to Zhmerinka with my sawdust, ordered a granulator. They made me [the equipment] in a week and a half. I have been working on this granulator for about 8 months. I had no problems with him, not even once. You just need to lubricate the rollers on time, lubricate the bearing, make sure that no screws or nails get into the bin with the sawdust. [...] Today I work for 5:00 in a row, there are already more than 600 kg of finished granules. The granules are of good quality, dense. To everyone who watches the video, I would like to wish to buy equipment from the "Artmash" company. I definitely advise, because no one has the best yet.
Feedback on the feed pellet mill 4 kW Artmash {owner's opinion}
I would like to express my gratitude to the Artmash company for a wonderful granulator, which I have been using for about 2 years. No complaints, everything works. Nothing has changed, nothing has been repaired. Everything was left from the factory. I recommend buying, you will not regret it.
Pellet granulator Artmash 15 kW after 2 years {Owner's review}
I have been using this granulator for over two years. During use, there were no serious problems with it. We changed consumables. All units of the unit are made soundly. During the period of use, there were no serious problems, although we processed a lot of [raw materials]. The main thing here is to choose the length of the matrix channel to the raw material that you are using. Since it was different for us, I turned to the company for help, in particular, I spoke with Maxim. They professionally advised me, made a custom-made matrix that matched me. We also reworked quite a few raw materials on this die. What can I wish for the Artmash company. Well done, the quality is top notch.
Customer review, Kharkiv region, granulation of cereal waste.
I own a mill from which waste remains (spikelets, husks). They have a lot of dust, sometimes the earth gets. Ordered in the city of Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region. at the enterprise LLC Artmash a granulator for processing grain waste. Engine power 7.5 kW. I like that granulation is fast enough, it doesn't jam anything. We get granules that have a dense structure, do not crumble, burn well.
Otzyv kliyenta g. Zaporozh'ye, granulyator 7,5 kVt.
We have been working on a granulator from Artmash for 7 years. We use for the manufacture of feed for rabbits, broilers, goats, guinea fowl (4 mm matrix). During operation there were no problems. Every day we make 400 kg of granular feed (productivity 180 kg / hour). All we had to change were consumables (belts, bearings, dies and rollers), which were also ordered from the manufacturer. The granulator is easy to operate and reliable. One operator works.
Testimonial of the state of emergency from Chernyakhov about the feed pelleting complex with modifications
We started 4 years ago with a 7.5 kW pellet mill. For the last 4-5 months we have already been producing 10 tons per week. There is a 15 kW crusher with a strain gauge hopper, a mixing auger, a 15 kW granulator. The equipment works until there have been any comments. I like the reliability of the equipment and fast service.
Beech Sawdust Granulation Line, Poland
A client from Poland filmed the process of making pellets from beech sawdust using Artmash equipment
Feedback on the company Eco Heating sawdust granulation line
We are a manufacturer of fuel pellets and briquettes, Eco Heating. Our products are fully exported. Thanks to Artmash technique and their equipment, we can produce high quality products. We have been working with them for one year. Only positive feedback from us. Due to the fact that in case of any breakdowns, incomprehensible situations, they are always on the phone or in person helping, suggest. We have a 22kW granulator and a metered feed hopper. Thanks to this equipment we produce less than 3 wagons in less than a month, that is 65 tons only on pine sawdust.
Sawdust granulation line. Recall of the owner of the wholesale production from Vinnitsa.
We are engaged in the production of pellets for about 2 years. We use a granulator of the company "Artmash" 22 kW. Raw materials - pine and oak. Separate matrices, separate two products. The quality of pellets is quite high; they are valued in the European and domestic markets. I note the high quality of the equipment, its effectiveness, good service. Any problems can be solved in 1-2 days: get a spare part, replace the matrix or rollers - any question.
Feed granulation line, customer review Artmash
The granulation plant was purchased at the company Artmash. The complex consists of a hopper with a screw of a dosed feed of raw materials, a granulator with an engine power of 22 kW, a cooling column and a vibrating table. We work on this line almost every day. The complex does a good job. When replacement parts are needed, the LLC Artmash company quickly responds to a request and sends the necessary part. The line produces 700-800 kg of products per hour.
Customer review Artmash, Vinnitsa
In August 2018, they ordered a granulator for the production of wood pellets with a metering screw from Artmash LLC for their company. Granulator motor power 22 kW. For 4 months on two sets of matrices and rollers we produced 88 tons of pellets. We can say that the parts are still not worn out in working condition, although we work with sawdust of high humidity. We have no significant complaints, the equipment works without interruptions.
Customer review, Kamenetz-Podolsky, granulation of straw and animal feed.
A year ago, for their enterprise "Demeter", which is located in the city of Kamenetz-Podolsky, a granulation line with a capacity of 11 kW was purchased. We use the equipment in our workshop for production needs. We have no complaints about this technique. We are pleased that the engine has three-level protection, when foreign objects enter the hopper, the motor automatically shuts off. When working on a granulator, manual labor is almost not needed.
Otzyv kliyenta, s. Byshev, Kiyevskaya obl., granulyator i izmel'chitel' 220 V.
A year and a half ago, for their rabbit mini-farm “Pan kril” they bought a granulator and chopper from the LLC “Artmash” enterprise. We work on equipment almost every day. We make food from a mixture of grass and grain, which we grind in a universal grinder. On the granulator there is an engine with a power of 4 kW, it works on a voltage of 220 V. We use a matrix with a hole with a diameter of 4 mm. Every day we produce 20 kg of granules. The equipment did not let us down.
Customer review, Slavyansk, granulation of furniture production waste.
Our furniture factory in the city of Slavyansk has long been cooperating with the company LLC Artmash. Last spring, we purchased a whole pellet production line. The complex is equipped with a dosed feed hopper, a granulator, a cooling column and a vibrating table. There are no significant complaints, the line did not require complex repairs. We use furniture waste as raw materials.
Customer review, Vinnitsa, granulation of sawdust.
I bought a 22 kW granulator and a feed screw with a hopper for production. He took two matrices for pine and oak. Equipment purchased in Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region. at the enterprise Artmash. I granulate sawdust, which in the form of finished pellets are exported to Europe. For 9 months, processed more than 200 tons of sawdust. Productivity on average 200-250 kg / h, 2 t / day. Problems arise - in 90% of cases, the manufacturer solves the problem in 1 day. Managers will always listen, prompt and help you pick up everything you need.
Customer review, Lviv region Feed granulation line.
We are at our enterprise, which is located in the Lviv region. We are engaged in fattening birds (broilers). We purchased a line for the production of feed in granules. The complex has been working without fail for more than 8 months (since April 2018). We make granules in two shifts. Equipment from the manufacturer LLC Artmash has proved itself on the good side, we only replace matrices and rollers. We use the matrix three, especially for broilers. The granules at the exit are dense, eat well.
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