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Review of 4 kW grinder and mini pelletizing line
We interrupt the grain with a crusher. 10 minutes and the bran is ready. The technique is very wonderful. Satisfied. I recommend.
Review of the wood splitter from the military No. 2
Before your help, such volumes were processed manually. The guys had calluses the size of my head. […] now the guys cope many times faster. It's warm in the positions in the trenches.
Feedback from the military
Good day. Today, the war and those who care in the person of Pavel Romanovych, the guys from Zhmerinka, the Artmash company sent us such a wonderful woodcutter for victory. For [us] to chop firewood. Where it is impossible to cut them in the wild, we will harvest them here and send them to our boys. Glory to Ukraine! Together to victory.
Reviews about the wood splitter Artmash from the women's team
The wood splitter works very well, it splits any log diameter. The girls cope, it's not hard to chop wood. We really like it. I work with such a device for the first time, but even a woman can handle it. If the firewood is good, everything generally goes smoothly. During the day we make 10 boxes [2 warehouse meters each] for three. I was worried that it would be hard, but the work is easy. I advise everyone.
Review of the wood splitter from the agricultural complex "Vinnichina"
At first we rented such a device from a neighbor. Then we ordered ourselves, now it is practically new. No complaints. The main thing is that it connects to 220 V to any outlet. Everything is just serviced. We work with such firewood. So far, we have pinned it down a bit, but we hope for great performance. Because we saw your videos and tried them ourselves. All good.
Feedback from a client from the Barsky district of Vinnytsia region about a 220 V splitter after 4 years of use
I have a woodcutter for 4 years. I stabbed him a lot, somewhere around 1,000 cubic meters. 220 V motor, can be connected to any outlet, extension cord with any wire cross section. Wonderful, just wonderful. No losses and the motor is great, just works great. No belts flew, the clutch also works perfectly. Nothing was done after the breakdowns, except for the button.
Customer review, Ivano-Frankivsk region, log splitter.
The third year I have been using equipment from the factory of the manufacturer Artmash. I have in my warehouse 2 splitters for harvesting firewood on an industrial scale. I am satisfied with the operation of the equipment, there are no complaints from the workers either. Failures were only small, the cleaver quickly returned to work. Cracks any kind of wood. Compared to hydraulic, which I used not so long ago, a rack splitter consumes three times less electricity.
Feedback on Artmash log splitters from the Energoresurs utility company
Lumberjacks of this company have been using for 6-7 years. These firewood were cut by one man for one month and laid down. There are no problems with any of us. It works wonderfully well. With these lumberjacks we serve 9 facilities. The objects are all powerful. For example, school and kindergarten. We heat them, the heat is enough. Firewood we have 2 pcs. They work wonderfully.
Customer review, Gaysin, splitter 220 V.
On the recommendation of his friends, he decided to order a wood splitter from the manufacturer's factory Artmash. For all the time of its use, the equipment did not fail, it copes with its task very well. Most often we cut ash with small knots, the machine works quickly, without effort. Two operators in an hour process the firewood machine. I am satisfied, there are no complaints. Therefore, I recommend everyone the Artmash wood splitter to use.
Feedback from the owner of the pellet mill Artmash 15 kW [video of a client from the Khmelnytsky region]
Firm "Artmash" really produces high-quality equipment. I [...] went to Zhmerinka with my sawdust, ordered a granulator. They made me [the equipment] in a week and a half. I have been working on this granulator for about 8 months. I had no problems with him, not even once. You just need to lubricate the rollers on time, lubricate the bearing, make sure that no screws or nails get into the bin with the sawdust. [...] Today I work for 5:00 in a row, there are already more than 600 kg of finished granules. The granules are of good quality, dense. To everyone who watches the video, I would like to wish to buy equipment from the "Artmash" company. I definitely advise, because no one has the best yet.
Feedback on the feed pellet mill 4 kW Artmash {owner's opinion}
I would like to express my gratitude to the Artmash company for a wonderful granulator, which I have been using for about 2 years. No complaints, everything works. Nothing has changed, nothing has been repaired. Everything was left from the factory. I recommend buying, you will not regret it.
Pellet granulator Artmash 15 kW after 2 years {Owner's review}
I have been using this granulator for over two years. During use, there were no serious problems with it. We changed consumables. All units of the unit are made soundly. During the period of use, there were no serious problems, although we processed a lot of [raw materials]. The main thing here is to choose the length of the matrix channel to the raw material that you are using. Since it was different for us, I turned to the company for help, in particular, I spoke with Maxim. They professionally advised me, made a custom-made matrix that matched me. We also reworked quite a few raw materials on this die. What can I wish for the Artmash company. Well done, the quality is top notch.
Customer review, Kharkiv region, granulation of cereal waste.
I own a mill from which waste remains (spikelets, husks). They have a lot of dust, sometimes the earth gets. Ordered in the city of Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region. at the enterprise LLC Artmash a granulator for processing grain waste. Engine power 7.5 kW. I like that granulation is fast enough, it doesn't jam anything. We get granules that have a dense structure, do not crumble, burn well.
Otzyv kliyenta g. Zaporozh'ye, granulyator 7,5 kVt.
We have been working on a granulator from Artmash for 7 years. We use for the manufacture of feed for rabbits, broilers, goats, guinea fowl (4 mm matrix). During operation there were no problems. Every day we make 400 kg of granular feed (productivity 180 kg / hour). All we had to change were consumables (belts, bearings, dies and rollers), which were also ordered from the manufacturer. The granulator is easy to operate and reliable. One operator works.
Customer testimonial, "Kiper Agro", feed pelletizing line
We cultivate 1,300 hectares of land. In 2020, we decided to process grain into feed pellets. At first there was an idea to buy imported equipment. But a neighbor promptly suggested that there is the best Ukrainian equipment in terms of price and quality. We went to Zhmerinka and looked at the Artmash equipment. We are very happy because: firstly, we saved; secondly, we have been using the equipment for six months and have no comments. If you have any questions, we are immediately consulted. Now we are already releasing our compound feed for sale.
Testimonial of the state of emergency from Chernyakhov about the feed pelleting complex with modifications
We started 4 years ago with a 7.5 kW pellet mill. For the last 4-5 months we have already been producing 10 tons per week. There is a 15 kW crusher with a strain gauge hopper, a mixing auger, a 15 kW granulator. The equipment works until there have been any comments. I like the reliability of the equipment and fast service.
Beech Sawdust Granulation Line, Poland
A client from Poland filmed the process of making pellets from beech sawdust using Artmash equipment
Feedback on the company Eco Heating sawdust granulation line
We are a manufacturer of fuel pellets and briquettes, Eco Heating. Our products are fully exported. Thanks to Artmash technique and their equipment, we can produce high quality products. We have been working with them for one year. Only positive feedback from us. Due to the fact that in case of any breakdowns, incomprehensible situations, they are always on the phone or in person helping, suggest. We have a 22kW granulator and a metered feed hopper. Thanks to this equipment we produce less than 3 wagons in less than a month, that is 65 tons only on pine sawdust.
Sawdust granulation line. Recall of the owner of the wholesale production from Vinnitsa.
We are engaged in the production of pellets for about 2 years. We use a granulator of the company "Artmash" 22 kW. Raw materials - pine and oak. Separate matrices, separate two products. The quality of pellets is quite high; they are valued in the European and domestic markets. I note the high quality of the equipment, its effectiveness, good service. Any problems can be solved in 1-2 days: get a spare part, replace the matrix or rollers - any question.
Feed granulation line, customer review Artmash
The granulation plant was purchased at the company Artmash. The complex consists of a hopper with a screw of a dosed feed of raw materials, a granulator with an engine power of 22 kW, a cooling column and a vibrating table. We work on this line almost every day. The complex does a good job. When replacement parts are needed, the LLC Artmash company quickly responds to a request and sends the necessary part. The line produces 700-800 kg of products per hour.
Customer review Artmash, Vinnitsa
In August 2018, they ordered a granulator for the production of wood pellets with a metering screw from Artmash LLC for their company. Granulator motor power 22 kW. For 4 months on two sets of matrices and rollers we produced 88 tons of pellets. We can say that the parts are still not worn out in working condition, although we work with sawdust of high humidity. We have no significant complaints, the equipment works without interruptions.
Customer review, Kamenetz-Podolsky, granulation of straw and animal feed.
A year ago, for their enterprise "Demeter", which is located in the city of Kamenetz-Podolsky, a granulation line with a capacity of 11 kW was purchased. We use the equipment in our workshop for production needs. We have no complaints about this technique. We are pleased that the engine has three-level protection, when foreign objects enter the hopper, the motor automatically shuts off. When working on a granulator, manual labor is almost not needed.
Otzyv kliyenta, s. Byshev, Kiyevskaya obl., granulyator i izmel'chitel' 220 V.
A year and a half ago, for their rabbit mini-farm “Pan kril” they bought a granulator and chopper from the LLC “Artmash” enterprise. We work on equipment almost every day. We make food from a mixture of grass and grain, which we grind in a universal grinder. On the granulator there is an engine with a power of 4 kW, it works on a voltage of 220 V. We use a matrix with a hole with a diameter of 4 mm. Every day we produce 20 kg of granules. The equipment did not let us down.
Customer review, Slavyansk, granulation of furniture production waste.
Our furniture factory in the city of Slavyansk has long been cooperating with the company LLC Artmash. Last spring, we purchased a whole pellet production line. The complex is equipped with a dosed feed hopper, a granulator, a cooling column and a vibrating table. There are no significant complaints, the line did not require complex repairs. We use furniture waste as raw materials.
Customer review, Vinnitsa, granulation of sawdust.
I bought a 22 kW granulator and a feed screw with a hopper for production. He took two matrices for pine and oak. Equipment purchased in Zhmerynka, Vinnytsia region. at the enterprise Artmash. I granulate sawdust, which in the form of finished pellets are exported to Europe. For 9 months, processed more than 200 tons of sawdust. Productivity on average 200-250 kg / h, 2 t / day. Problems arise - in 90% of cases, the manufacturer solves the problem in 1 day. Managers will always listen, prompt and help you pick up everything you need.
Customer review, Lviv region Feed granulation line.
We are at our enterprise, which is located in the Lviv region. We are engaged in fattening birds (broilers). We purchased a line for the production of feed in granules. The complex has been working without fail for more than 8 months (since April 2018). We make granules in two shifts. Equipment from the manufacturer LLC Artmash has proved itself on the good side, we only replace matrices and rollers. We use the matrix three, especially for broilers. The granules at the exit are dense, eat well.
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On this page we collect the opinions of people who have already purchased the products of Artmash LLC and have operated it for some time. These are not just first impressions of the purchase, but the statements of users with practical experience.

Buyers recorded most of the videos on their own, we post such materials on the site without additional processing.

We also practice trips to clients, in which we record quality videos and interview customers or company representatives. The words of customers are not agreed upon in advance and are not adjusted in any way. We use editing only to make the video short, interesting and informative.

Unfortunately, not every client has the ability to record video and feels free in front of the camera. Therefore, many express their opinions on our channel and YouTube, as well as in social networks. In such cases, we add screenshots to the site.

Valera Alfimov about the company

Translation: "I bought units from the manufacturer Artmash. I am very satisfied. Everything works fine. And the guys explain clearly if something is not clear. Well done."

Vasil Tsvik about equipment

Translation: "Reliable equipment. We have been working for almost 4 years. We have a line with a capacity of 700-850 kg/h. Price-quality! I recommend !!!!

Pavel Doroshenko on warranty service

Translation: "Hello. I want to express my deep gratitude to Pavel Romanovich, manager Irina, for his humanity and good responsible attitude (unfortunately, this is rare now) towards me, as a client of my production. I was shocked by the attitude of the Artmash team to its client."

Sergey Cherkez about equipment

Translation: "High-quality equipment. Works like a clock"

Timur Bulan about reputation

Translation: "WELL DONE.

What they say about choppers

Andrey Krasny about post-warranty service

Translation: "Good afternoon. The hay chopper is excellent. I did my job conscientiously. I worked for about 3 years. I decided to change the segments on the drum, as they were worn out. I turned to the manager Irina. She gave detailed advice on the puller for removing the drum. But something went wrong. Irina put me in touch with the boss, who consulted in detail my actions. And, finally, I achieved what I wanted. As a result, the company sent me a set of segments on the drum for FREE. For such a gift I am VERY grateful. Thanks to everyone who helped me in solving my problem. I advise everyone !!! "

Denis Vlasenko about the grinder and granulator

Translation: "I have been using a universal grinder and granulator for 4 kW 380 for almost a year. The equipment is excellent, easy to use! Tell me, what is the minimum power of this line?"

Andriy Vorobets about the feed pelletizing complex

Translation: "I recommend, because I use it myself and I'm very happy. Well done."

Denis Vlasenko pro universal grinder 4 kW

Translation: "I have been using this for a year now! An excellent, productive device! I also chop a lot of straw and reeds. There are no complaints!"

Anatoly Fedyushko about the device


Vladimir Bogdanets on the scope of the grinder

Translation: "Cool thing. If you have the desire and the opportunity [to buy], you will not regret it. Especially [if you need to chop] reeds for the pigsty, corn stalks, pine needles, and much more."

Sergey Kukharchuk about the crusher

Translation: "I have been using such a crusher [Hammer-rotor] for two months now and I can confidently say - I recommend it. I will answer questions about the use in private messages [Facebook]"

Statements about granulators

Tinplate TV about the granulator 220 V

Translation: "I have been using such a granulator for a year now. There have been no questions or problems. I make 200-250 kg of feed per week. Very cool machine. The only thing that needs to be modified is the tray. The feed scatters a little in different directions."
Addition: the tray is specially made open so that the operator has the opportunity to control the operation of the knives under the matrix.

Tolik Gindryuk on the use of a granulator

Translation: "I have the same granulator, but 4 kilowatts, I also use 4 years. No problem, simple, reliable and powerful, indispensable for the household. I changed only the bearings in the rollers, nothing more. I just want the inventors of this device They came up with something similar to a trough with a 10 kg mixture control damper, because the augers are expensive, and that would be enough to pour the 10 kg mixture into the trough and pour it into the granulator little by little. And the granulator is a bomb !!! "
Addition: At the request of this client, a mini-auger with a mixing function of 35 liters for the household network, as well as a version for 380 V was developed.

Tolik Gindryuk about a mini-auger 35 l

Translation: "This mixer feeder is my dream. I still have to get it after a while. This is a wonderful thing, you do not need to manually fill it. And it turns out that I overfilled, then I did not sleep enough, there is no uniformity. And this auger decides everything. Well done, I recently bought a 4 kilowatt hay cutter from you in Transcarpathia. I am very satisfied. I can’t even believe how quickly it crushes hay. After the little one I had, this is, of course, heaven and earth. Thank you very much. Good luck with your development. "

Travolta389 about the granulator

Translation: "Wow machine. I have your 15 kW granulator + 0.6 cubic meter metering auger. In principle, the performance is excellent. But this is already a monster of the OGM level."

Oleg Chugunkin about the 7.5 kW granulator

Translation: "I took a 7.5 kW granulator a year ago. Very satisfied."

Vladimir Dremov granulator and discounts

Translation: "I bought an 11 kW granulator and a 7.5 kW hay and straw shredder. I am satisfied with the work. However, I had to replace the electric trigger mechanism on the granulator."
Addition: electricity is replaced under warranty for the first year of use.

Mikhail Tovstun about the granulator and warranty service

Translation: "I bought a 400th granulator [400 mm - die diameter] from this company in May 2020. There were some shortcomings, but the manager was fine. Everything was fixed. The technique is good. I am satisfied with the work. For 4 dies [4 mm - hole diameter in the matrix] rabbit granule productivity up to 1000 kg per hour. The granule is of high quality. Motor 36 kW [according to the passport - 37 kW]. You can trust these guys. "

Valera Alfimov asking for instructions

Translation: "Guys, you tell everything well. I bought a granulator from you and am happy with everything. But make a video on adjusting the matrix and rollers and all sorts of nuances on the unit."
Update: At the request of this client, we made a video with instructions for adjusting the die and rollers on small and medium granulators, as well as supplemented the section on maintenance in the equipment passport. The owners of pellet mills with a capacity of 22-37 kW firstly receive a video instruction on a flash drive or memory card along with documents for the goods.

Vitaly Lie about the bundle

Translation: "I bought it. Works for six months. Satisfied. Suggestion to the manufacturer: send an outlet to your plug. You can not buy it everywhere."

Vadim Burlakov about the belt drive

Translation: "I bought your device for 220 V 4 kW. I'm quite satisfied. Not a" goldfish ". It does its job if the owner has a desire to do it. There were doubts about the belt drive, but it satisfied my needs. reliable, but this entails an increase in the cost of the unit. Therefore, for a small household, the option with belts is sufficient. Thank you. "

Sergey Belokon with details about the use

Translation: "I have your granulator for 220 V. It works great. In an hour 40-50 kg. Perhaps more, but you need to moisten the mixture. Modified a little. I covered the discharge channel with a plate, because sometimes I scattered the granule. I unload it into troughs 40x70, faster The feed from the hopper is 60 kg. Opened and fills up independently. I fitted aluminum radiators to the engine - it cools better. Before starting, I have to remove the remnants of the mixture, so I replaced the clamping nuts with "wings." from drip irrigation.
I'm interested - in a 220 V granulator, the matrix is ​​used by 50%, only the inner part. Is it possible to repress the rollers by unrolling them to use the outside of the die? Thanks."

Addition: The discharge channel must remain open for the operator to control the operation of the knives under the die. Metered feed makes it possible to work without overloading the motor, so it does not need additional cooling.
In models of granulators for 220 V, the rollers are specially narrowed so that the motor is not subjected to too much stress. But standard matrices are attached to them, since it is inconvenient at the factory to change the settings of CNC machines for one model of granulators. Unfortunately, after the partial development of the matrix, the second part cannot be used. But we bring our dies to the highest possible hardness so that they last as long as possible.
The described options for feeding the mixture, moistening and cooling the granules are quite effective.

Addendum 2: At the tip of this client, the bunker mount has been changed. Now, instead of ears and bolts with nuts, convenient quick-clamping clamps are used.

Sergey Belokon about the experience with the granulator

Translation: "... I called the manufacturers many times and wondered how to set everything up. I always received a qualified recommendation. But practice also gives a certain experience, which is why I wrote. ... There is no limit to improvement, so there should be interaction between manufacturers and users. And to the users: thanks to the granulators, I have achieved a high conversion of compound feed. Day-old chickens eat 100 g of pre-start compound feed and increase their weight by 90 g. But I include everything I need in compound feed. And I suspect that feed manufacturers are saving on what. "

Sergey Belokon about the payback of the granulator

Translation: "That is why I decided to produce compound feed on my own. Having made 3 tons of compound feed, I compensated my expenses for purchasing a granulator ..."

Yuri Lukyanenko on correcting mistakes

Translation: "Yuri Lukyanenko: The main thing, pay attention to the engine, it is of poor quality. It burned out after 4 months of use. When I sent it for rewinding, it turned out that the winding was of poor quality and the engine did not produce the declared 4 kW. I ask manufacturers to pay attention to this. The rollers also jammed. The reason is the poor quality of the circlips and bearings, I also ask you to pay attention to this. But when I turned to the representatives of Artmash with a problem, they gladly helped me to remove all the shortcomings. So Artmash is a reliable company. And our task as users is to help improve their products and promptly report shortcomings, which, as I understand it, are immediately corrected. If someone thought that I was criticizing, then this is not so. This is far from criticism, but real help. Therefore, Artmash is reliable, and the hardware has the ability to timely change.
Artmash: Now this model is produced with a 5.5 kW motor, customers no longer have such problems. We are also trying to check the suppliers of rings and bearings even more carefully, because even with proven partners, problematic parties occur. Unfortunately, not all the shortcomings of these spare parts can be found at the factory. Thank you for sharing your experience. You have really shown us a direction for further improvement. "

Opinions of the owners of wood splitters

Victor Ivanov with greetings from Belarus

Translation: "Pavel Romanovich! Well done! The wood splitter has been working for the third year! Hello from Belarus !!!"

Anatoly Artemenko on the wood splitter and John Deere

Translation: "The same on the farm. The flight is normal. Plows like John Deere. Thank you Pasha."

Oleg Kozitsky about the construction of wood splitter

Translation: "Wood splitters of this design are one of the best. I have one. I recommend it."

Yura Sulyma on his impressions of the visit to the plant

Translation: "The wood splitter is cool. I was in their production. Everything is serious enough. Real craftsmen work there, and the products are of sufficient quality."

The guy from the village and Anatoly Artemenko

"The guy from the village: Finally a video in the native language. Thanks for the demonstration. The amount of firewood is really impressive.
Anatoly Artemenko: I confirm. Works great. It is worth paying attention. Thank you Pasha. "

Yuri Tkachuk about a wood splitter, a chopper and other products

Translation: "The wood splitter is cool. I use it myself and recommend it to everyone. I am waiting for new products. For example, a wood chopper. Now it is very relevant."

The opinion of the log splitter operator

"Igor. D: I would like to listen to the operator of the wood splitter. This would be the best response, especially after 5 years.
Artmash: Hello. It's not a problem. Both on our website and on the channel, if you wish, you can find video reviews of our clients.
Vitaly M: A really worthwhile unit (I declare to you as a master, and sometimes as an operator of this particular wood splitter). "

Valisy Polevoy and his impressions of chopping wood

Translation: “One has only to work on such a wood splitter once, and you understand that chopping wood can bring not only material, but also moral pleasure.
Well thought up, sorry, cognitively. I already bought myself a 380 V. A little bit earlier.
Before purchasing a wood splitter, I decided to personally see this miracle of technology. All the same, doubts tormented. So, after visiting this enterprise, all my doubts disappeared. Let me explain why. Firstly, the enterprise, as you can see, has been engaged in metalworking for a long time and quite seriously. Secondly, I arrived with my own large diameter logs and with knots, which were confidently split in my presence. And thirdly, the company assumes a guarantee for the rack and pinion for a period of one year. In general, I bought it, while I'm satisfied. "

Clarification: 1 year warranty applies to all equipment except consumables. The guarantee for the rack and pinion is 500 firewood storage meters.

Evgeny Ostrikov about work 3 weeks

Translation: "I have been working on such a wood splitter for 3 weeks already. I must admit that I am completely satisfied. I chopped two firewood machines. I was especially surprised how easy it copes with knots. there is no speed. During operation, nothing failed, let's see what happens next. "

Vasily Trikoz about a wood splitter and a bomb

Translation: "This is not a wood splitter, this is a bomb. Cutting is both rotten and burnt. At the moment, no better one has been invented yet."

Ruslan Priymak and Viktor Pryadka about a wood splitter

"Ruslan Priymak: Take it and don't think. Better not. I KNOW
Viktor Pryadka: The device is very good "

Vladimir Lukash on the performance of wood splitters

Translation: "We use 2 pieces. Cool wood splitters, great performance."

Vladimir Lukash on the second wood splitter

Translation: "One [wood splitter] worked for 3 years. This year we added one more wood splitter per meter [modification with an extended frame for splitting logs up to 1 m long instead of 0.6 m]. More than 1,000 cubic meters were chopped a year. Had not seen better."

Valery Bigun about cleavers

Translation: "The cleaver is super! I have 2 of these at my company for 5 years! Now we have bought another one !!! SUPER"

Valery Bigun about three wood splitters

Translation: "[1000 m3 in 5 years] is real! I know, I have 3 such woodbreakers at my enterprise !!! We cut 4000 cubic meters in a year !!!"

Ernest Balbekov about 8 years of work

Translation: "A good device. True, we have an electric one. It has been working for 8 years and there are no problems with spare parts. Everyone is happy."

Evgeny Krivoruchko with advice on wood splitters

Translation: "The wood splitter is super. I advise"

Dima Romanyuk with recommendations

Translation: "The wood splitter is super! I bought myself. I am satisfied."

Vasily Bon about splitting 100 cubes of beech

Translation: "The wood splitter is good. I chopped 100 cubic meters of beech in a year like that."

Vasily Bon about 3 years of use

Translation: "Good wood splitter. It has been working for me for three years already. Very satisfied ?"

Vasily Pidlisny with questions about wood splitters

"Vasily Podlesny: Super. I have your wood splitter. I am completely satisfied. I want to ask if necessary. I see that the design of the rail for the rail that hits the log has been changed in the video. I have a little concern with this. I have developed this plate, which guides the rail." Can I somehow alter the way you see it on the video? Otherwise, I now have to manually return the rail to its place. Thank you.
Artmash: Thank you for your rating, Vasily. Please call us +380675364214. Let's try to figure out how to help you. Maybe there is enough to replace the textolite plate and springs. You may need to send us some photos of the problem area so that we can more accurately assess the situation. "

Alexander Grechkovsky about the price of a wood splitter

Translation: "This product is worth it. I have been using it for 9 years. We collect about 500-600 meters of firewood per month."

Vaclav Dubinsky about wood splitters

Translation: “I have such a wood splitter. It's a pleasure to prepare firewood for the winter. Cuts everything. "

Yuri Tkach in support of the manufacturer

Translation: "I support the manufacturer. I myself have been using a wood splitter for several years and the paint has not peeled off on mine either, although I stick it myself and give it to people for rent. Of course, there are moments with a button, but about the mechanics, everything is super! By the way, this is an industrial a wood splitter and no one forces you to buy it for your home. "

C. Oak about chopping knotty oak

Translation: “Gnarled beech pricks with a bang. I have served for the fifth year. Satisfied. Two people do not pierce 11 storage meters in 2.5 hours. The device is super. "

C. Oak about wood splitter tests

Translation: "I think there is no need to test it. I have already been 5 years old. It chops everything: oak, hornbeam, birch and even a very knotty beech. So the wood splitter is really super."

C. Oak on the performance of chopping wood

Translation: "It punches well. I also hesitated, now I'm satisfied. To chop 11 warehouse meters of beech with knots in 2.5 hours is easy."

Yaroslav Moysa about buying a wood splitter

"Super apparatus, I have been using it for 6 years.
Buy - you will not regret it. "

Vladimir Golub on the reliability of the mechanism

Translation: "I am also the owner of your product. For 3 years now. I am satisfied with the cleaver. Thank you! Made firmly, reliably. The mechanism works perfectly. For three years there was one breakdown - the support bearing on the pusher crumbled."

Addition: Bearings are consumables that wear out during normal operation of the wood splitter. The frequency of their replacement depends on the complexity of the wood that splits on the splitter, as well as the correct care of the equipment. The mechanism uses both bearings that require lubrication and closed-type bearings that do not need additional lubrication. The rules for servicing the wood splitter are described in detail in the passport, which each owner receives along with the equipment.

Taras Osetsky about the work of a woodbreaker in the village

Translation: "We have such a wood splitter on our farm. During this harvest season, I made 10 wagons of hardwood timber. I myself am shocked, because when I saw the wood splitter for the first time, I laughed. The fragile look did not give hope for efficiency. After what I saw took his words back. "

Sergiy Kozhokar about complex firewood

Translation: "I work for such a wood splitter. Excellent."

Sergiy Kozhokar about complex firewood

Translation: "The machine is super. First I rented, and then bought with my godfather in two. Any twig of any breed breaks. If not once, then several times for sure. Tested in practice. I recommend."

Sergiy Kozhokar about complex firewood

Translation: "As for the price, I agree a little, a little expensive. But if you haven't tried to work for them, there is no need to write malicious comments. They bought such a wood splitter for the company and are really satisfied. Oak, hornbeam, ash pricks perfectly.
If anyone is interested, I can send a video in messages of how he works with hard rocks! "

Sergiy Kozhokar about complex firewood

Translation: "I have such a wood splitter, only electric 380 V. Good, worthy. Produced in the Vinnitsa region."

Sergiy Kozhokar about complex firewood

"Bogdan Fedik: The button did not work from the very beginning. The table is weak, needs strengthening. The productivity is high, 180 m3 per month.
Artmash: Hello, Bogdan. In recent years, we have been making tables reinforced, there are stiffening ribs at the bottom. Do you have an old one? Have you applied for a warranty replacement of a button?
Bogdan Fedik: I haven’t asked about the button. Connected directly. I plan to order another one.
Artmash: Then keep in mind that we replace the buttons under warranty. They generally last longer after replacement. "

Sergiy Kozhokar about complex firewood

Translation: "It happened - [it took to beat] 30 cubic meters of hornbeam from the sanitary zone. The first 15 cubic meters are twisted stumps [diameter] 50-60 cm.
[After that, in the wood splitter] one bearing hummed, both were replaced. There was such a feat. And even trunks [stabbing] is a pleasure. "

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