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wood splitters, conveyors and pelletizing lines for feed, sawdust, agricultural waste ...

Технология производства ООО «Артмаш»

In Artmash, all units of equipment for farming and animal husbandry are manufactured in-house with an inspection of quality control. We carry out turning and milling processing of parts on machines with numerical control. This guarantees high accuracy and quality in the manufacture of mechanisms of granulators, mixers and grain crushers.

For parts subject to heavy loads, we use alloy steel with the addition of chromium. We subject the mechanisms of heat treatment in thermal furnaces, high frequency. This allows you to achieve wear resistance of granulators, wood splitters, mixers, grain crushers.

We take part in international exhibitions, where we present equipment for farming and livestock, we take the experience of well-known companies. Due to this, products manufactured by Artmash are tested for compliance with international standards.

technological stages of production
Design, 3D model, planning, selection of the right equipment for the client
Selection of appropriate materials and manufacturing techniques (purchase of components for future equipment)
Production of working design documentation
The step-by-step process of manufacturing the units and mechanisms: handwriting, turning, milling, metalwork, heat treatment, grinding, welding and other operations
Assembly of the nodes of the mechanism
Inspection by the Department of Technical Control (OTC)
Mechanical assembly of equipment
Electrical Assembly
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Artmash makes wood splitters, granulators, grain crushers, mixers, pellet coolers, precision loading augers. The entire production cycle is carried out at our enterprise (location - Ukraine, Zhmerynka).


n the manufacture of straw choppers, granulators, choppers, wood splitters and other agricultural equipment, various turners, turners, milling machines, and electricians are involved at various stages of the design. Work experience of most specialists is 10-30 years.

Several features of the production technology of Artmash:


Blanks for parts - are produced by plasma cutting. This means high speed, high accuracy, the part does not deform due to thermal effects.


Turning and milling - on CNC machines. Using numerical software, it is possible to produce parts of grain crushers, wood splitters, choppers, which are subject to strict requirements for dimensional accuracy and shape.


Heat treatment - thermal furnaces, HDTV. This increases the wear resistance of the equipment, as well as individual parts and mechanisms.

Knots and mechanisms of granulators, grain crushers, grinders, feed cutters undergo grinding, metalwork, welding. Mechanical assembly and installation of electrical parts of equipment is also carried out in Artmash workshops.

The final stage of production is testing of granulators, grain crushers, straw choppers, choppers for lack of backlash in operation. We individually select a matrix for the equipment model, taking into account the raw materials for processing (sawdust, sunflower waste, etc.).

The mechanisms of wood splitters, granulators, which are subjected to heavy loads during operation, are made of alloy steel. Due to this, the gear, rack and other elements are not erased and do not fail for a long period of time.

To buy a feed cutter, granulators, a wood splitter, a grain grinder, a chopper at the price from the manufacturer and with a quality guarantee, please contact Artmash.

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